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Helping you successfully resume your event

We're here to help you navigate these uncharted times with features for planning events during COVID-19.

Virtual events & live streaming

We're here to help you navigate the crazy world of virtual events. With over 1,000,000 people have attended a virtual event on our platform, we can help you deliver a world class virtual event without breaking the bank. Here are some key highlights of our virtual events platform.
  • Sell tickets to your livestream, meeting, or pre-recorded content

  • Compatible with your favorite video and streaming providers such as Vimeo, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, and more

  • Host multiple streams, showings or sessions within one virtual event.

  • Set viewing permissions for various ticketing levels

  • Embed your favorite live chat system or use on

  • Stream pre-recorded content as live straight from TicketSpice

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Timed-entry ticketing for restricted capacity

Timed entry ticketing is one of the easiest ways to resume your event during COVID. Sometimes referred to as timeslot ticketing, this feature empowers you to sell tickets for a particular time period during a given day and restrict and restrict max capacity across all your ticket levels for a given time slot.

Setting up your timed entry ticketing page is a breeze. Configure the date window you want to sell tickets from a single day to up to an entire year. If you sell tickets daily, configure which days of the week you sell tickets. Then specify your time windows in which you can have patrons on-site and the max number of people per time window.

Ticket buyers then can reserve tickets easily by selecting a day, time and then making their reservation. To see it in action, view this sample page here.


Bring back your event with social distancing layouts! Selling tickets while honor social distancing guidelines can be a challenge. But TicketSpice makes it simple and easy with our social distancing ticket layout builder featuring PODS.

PODS are groups of tickets designed to be purchased by members of the same household or party. Configure your limit of people per POD and then organize your layout. Set pricing rules for PODS and sections and then you're set!

Buyers can view your venue and then select a POD and reserve it and are issued tickets belonging to the POD. It couldn't be easier.

Card on file pre-reservation

Event organizers are unsure if their future events can resume and at what capacity. Attendees are hesitant to outlay money for an event that may not happen. Remove the hesitation with risk free card-on-file pre-rereservation. Ticket orders are reserved but not charged until you specify. Charge cards on file individually or mass charge all ticket orders.
  • Create your ticketing page as normal but enable pre-reservation

  • We test the credit card to make sure it’s valid

  • Later when you're ready to proceed you can mass charge all of the pre-reserved attendees

  • Set access to your virtual event at a specific date, or on-demand after purchase

  • Set this for all ticket levels or only for certain attendees. For example, offer a special discounted price for buyers willing to pay in full.

E-Signature Waivers

Insurance companies are requiring venues and event organizers to obtain waivers for the release of liability for public gatherings. Enable waivers for your tickets using TicketSpice E-Signatures. Ticket buyers won’t be able to access their ticket until they sign an e-waiver releasing you of liability.
  • Enable waivers on any ticket level

  • Paste in your liability release waiver text

  • Choose if you want to require selfie photo and/or government ID photo

  • After purchase, each attendee must complete the e-signature waiver

  • TicketSpice generates a verified waiver with signature, photos, and proof of digital signing

Text-to-order for contactless registration

Local regulations as well as attendee concerns may necessitate the need to have a “touchless” entrance. To keep attendees and staff safe, event organizers may be unable to accept cash or even credit cards. Get a dedicated text number for your event! Registrants send a quick text and get the mobile registration page delivered to their phone.
  • TicketSpice provides a dedicated text message number

  • If attendees have not already purchased tickets, they simply text the number

  • The mobile registration page is delivered to their phone to register

  • Virtual registrations are viewable on mobile for seamless event access

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