For many industries in the event space, the last three years have been marked by endless restrictions, public health fears, consumer hesitancy, and, often, shrinking event attendance.

Here at TicketSpice, we witnessed the hard-hitting effect of the pandemic firsthand. Lockdowns and restrictions obliterated certain events, and even complete markets, off the map altogether.

Ren faires, however, not only survived during the pandemic, but they grew. If you’re curious to learn the three reasons why ren faires were unstoppable in a global pandemic, keep reading.

Reason #1 Outdoor Location 

While indoor events faced heavy restrictions or forced shutdowns, outdoor events, such as ren faires, could continue with far more lenient restrictions. 

Even in the height of Covid-19, people still wanted entertainment and needed an escape from the mental mundanity of lockdown. Consumers began shifting their money and attention to events that were actually open.

As a result, ren faires and other outdoor festivals saw steady growth at a time when other types of events were declining.

Reason # 2 Continued Innovation

Many industries hit the brakes during the pandemic, but ren faires hit the gas with innovation and building. Ren faire organizers added new attractions, more vendors, bigger experience packages, and even more event dates on the calendar.

These industry pioneers refused to stop their pursuit of creating the best possible experience for their visitors. Not surprisingly, ren faire attendance and revenue soared. 

Reason # 3 Resilient Attendees

Finally, remember that even if the circumstances look bleak, ren faire goers are a hearty bunch! By definition, they’re a group of people who willingly trade in their modern-day comforts for a simpler type of fun. 

Their mental resilience and sense of responsibility means they are prepared to uphold the time-honored traditions and practices of the Renaissance Faire.

What does this mean for the future?

While we all hope the days of lockdowns are behind us, none of us can predict the future. No matter what obstacles or restrictions the future holds, utilize the outdoors, keep innovating, and stay resilient. 

We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice team