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Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents per attendee + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.


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$0.99 cents per ticket
+ Credit Card Fees


$1.59 per attendee + 3.5% + Credit Card Fees

Control all branding at top of page

Set, markup, and keep the ticketing fees

Time slot ticketing

Text Message Ticket Delivery

Text for Tickets

Daily payouts

Pods and seating layouts

Email, Zoom, chat, and phone support

Data sovereignty and data privacy

Re-entry scanning with photo verification

Add / remove ticket to existing order

Ticket transfers

Discounts for social shares

Allocate tax exempt value for tickets

Google tag manager support

508 compliant

Consider these important differences between TicketSpice and Eventbrite

The event ticketing experience between TicketSpice and Eventbrite are vastly different. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Eventbrite's crowded event page structure

If you browse Eventbrite's events, their page template looks similar to the example. Which means you're competing with other events in your area.

TicketSpice structures your event ticketing page in a completely different way, where it's all about you.


Eventbrite logo on top of your page

When you host your event with Eventbrite, their logo adorns the top of your ticketing page. It's on the top of nearly every event page and not likely to be removed.

We’re not in competition with your brand. When you host your event using TicketStpice, your branding and logo reigns supreme.

Eventbrite's main navigation on your event page

Alongside their logo, the top of your event page contains their own main navigation. A typical Eventbrite ticketing page has over a dozen external links not related to your specific event.


Unrelated event links on your ticketing page

Your event page on Eventbrite can contain links to other events at the bottom of your page. Here’s how they sometimes look.


The higher the price, the higher the convenience fee

Eventbrite's fees can get expensive for high priced events, and they've even eliminated their maximum fee cap. Eventbrite charges a ticketing fee of 3.5% + $1.59 per attendee with no limit or maximum fee per attendee. You may choose who pays the fee (you or your attendees), but Eventbrite charges and receives the fee.

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