As an event organizer, you know that planning a top-quality event comes with plenty of challenges. One challenge, in particular, has plagued the industry for decades: ticket scalping.  

Ticket scalping, by definition, is the act of purchasing event tickets (often in bulk) to resell them at a higher price. It becomes difficult and potentially unaffordable for true fans to attend, and as a result, can tarnish the reputation of your event.

Scalpers will employ a variety of tactics—from bots to bulk purchases to price algorithm manipulation. If you want to ensure a fair and fun experience for all your attendees, follow the scalping prevention strategies in this guide.

Offer Dynamic Pricing

Consider implementing a dynamic pricing strategy that adjusts ticket prices based on factors such as demand, time of day, or day of the week. This approach can deter scalpers because, compared to fixed pricing, it makes it more difficult for them to predict and exploit.

Pro tip: Not sure how to set up demand pricing? This article will show you how!

Limit Ticket Quantities

When scalpers take advantage of high demand by purchasing tickets in bulk and reselling them at a much higher price, it wreaks havoc on the rest of the purchasers. One way to prevent this is to set a limit on the number of tickets purchased in a single transaction. 

Use Captcha and Anti-Bot Measures

To deter automated bots from scooping up tickets faster than fans, integrate captcha and other anti-bot measures during the ticket purchasing process.

Require Registration

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour prevented scalpers by requiring people to register as a verified fan before purchasing tickets. When you make it mandatory for attendees to register an account, the additional layer of identification and accountability makes it much more challenging for scalpers to operate anonymously.

Implement Secure Ticket Delivery Methods

Choose secure ticket delivery methods that require identification. A mobile ticket with a personal QR code is linked to the information of the ticket purchaser. This will help prevent the duplicating and reselling of physical tickets and enhance the overall event security.

Collaborate with Resale Platforms

While many ticket resellers are fraudulent, there are reputable ticket resale platforms.  Consider partnering with a solid platform to create a safe and controlled environment for secondary ticket sales to legitimate fans.

Final Takeaways

With the right strategies in place, you can take significant steps toward eliminating ticket scalping. 

To keep ticket scalping at bay, start with the suggested strategies in this guide and keep your eyes peeled for any unusual activity. Cheers to keeping your event accessible and enjoyable.  

We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice Team