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Save thousands by switching

We only charge a flat 99¢ fee per paid ticket. No contracts, setup fees, or cancellation fees.

Standard credit card fees of 2.99% apply.

Save thousands with TicketSpice.

The average event organizer saves $16,000 on their event when switching to TicketSpice. Don't take our word for it, run the calculations yourself to see how much you'll save.

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Total Savings

$0 / year

or $0 every 5 years

Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents per attendee + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.
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For just 99¢ A TICKET look at all you get


Communication Center
2¢ per recipient

Send mass emails for invitations and followups. Send a mass update to all attendees or just some based on a segment. There is no fee for your confirmation emails to attendees.

Custom 3rd Party Payment Gateway
1% fee

If you can't use our default payment processor or preferred partners you can use your existing payment gateway for a 1% fee. We currently support, Paya, FirstData, SecureNet, Cybersource and more. Call for compatibility.

Event organizers who use TicketSpice make more money. Here's how.

Convenience fee control & markup

You set and keep 100% of the fee allowing you to make thousand of dollars from ticketing fees that you control.

Merchandise & product sales

Increase your average ticket order by 20% when you include upsells, upgrades, event swag, accessories, gear and merch.

Social incentives

Go viral with social incentives that get ticket buyers sharing your page on social media to earn discounts and rewards..

Effortless edits & upgrades

Effortlessly upgrade an existing order and upcharge buyers automatically in one step without having buyers starting over again.

Card on File Pre-Reservation

Presell tickets for events with ticket buyers putting cards on file. You then mass charge all ticket buyers when ready.

Capture donations

On average over 15% of your ticket buyers will add an additional donation when offered. Sell out and make a dent in the universe at the same time.

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