Have you ever been in this situation before? Your event is just around the corner, and you're anxiously checking the attendee count; it’s depressingly low. Eventually, the week before the event, ticket sales pick up. The reality is most people procrastinate.

But the good news is, there’s a way to create such a buzz around your event that people will be compelled to buy tickets in advance. If you leverage the best practices in this blog, your tickets will sell well before the week of the event. 

1. Create Urgency with Pricing

If you want attendees to purchase tickets in advance, you need to give them a reason to act. Whether you offer discounts in a limited quantity or for a limited time, make sure people know the deal won’t last forever. No one likes to leave money on the table. By giving people a sense of urgency, you’ll motivate them to snag their tickets while they still can. 

Pro tip: Use demand pricing to set up your sale dates automatically.

2. Reward Early Commitment

When attendees purchase tickets early, acknowledge and reward their commitment and enthusiasm. These early birds deserve much more than a worm or a negligible discount. Use TicketSpice’s conditional logic to seamlessly set up special perks, such as a free meal ticket, backstage pass, or event swag, that make them feel like valued insiders. 

3. Leverage Social Media

The more eyes on your event, the greater the chance of early ticket sales flooding in. Harness the power of social media—and the FOMO that comes with it—to amplify your early bird promotion. Share your exclusive deals with your audience, and run a contest with a free giveaway. Of course, if ticket inventory starts to run low, make sure you post about it!

4. Start One Year in Advance

The best time to start promoting next year’s event is at or immediately after this year’s event. Your attendees are still riding the event high, and the memories of their experiences are fresh in their minds. Don’t wait until these memories are fuzzy and they’ve lost touch with their friends. Offer a discount code such as “COMINGBACK2025” or “EARLYBIRD2024” to reward their loyalty and incentivize them to sign up right away. 

5. Don’t Discourage the Latecomers

Of course, it’s ideal when attendees purchase early, but even with all the early bird tactics in the book, some people will still miss the window. You don’t want to discourage the latecomers from buying altogether. 

If you make people too painfully aware of what they’ve missed, they might delay purchasing in hopes that another promotion will come along. 

Make it easier for everyone involved and set up the discount window using conditional logic. Once the early bird sale has passed, bury the evidence of lower prices and point the attendees to their existing opportunities.

Ready to Soar?

Early bird registration isn't just a tactic; it's a strategy to ensure your event takes flight in the best possible way. With these suggestions, you have the tools to build anticipation and maximize attendance long before your event begins.

Instead of stressing about ticket sales for months before your event, embrace the power of early bird sales and celebrate your attendance numbers soaring to new heights. 

Ready to take the plunge? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Cheers to successful events and packed venues,

— The TicketSpice Team