Today we’re sharing new design features that have been on our wish-list for a long time. With these features and updates, your pages will be fresher than a mint in a polar bear's pocket! 

We’ve built the most demanded features for taking your page design to the next level. I am talking about video backgrounds for the banner field, image effects, image gallery, and more! 

Let’s give you a quick fly-by of these sweet updates.

Banner Field Update with Video Backgrounds and Effects

We’re not too prideful to admit the text editor in the banner field was as fickle as a motion-sensor faucet in a public restroom. We overhauled the entire banner field to make managing text overlays simpler and easier than ever along with some mobile-specific settings so you have total control. 

But perhaps best of all, we added several new background features for the banner field including video backgrounds as well as background effects such as blur, grayscale, colorization, and saturation. 

Now you can create jaw dropping visual effects on your page without having to get a PHD in web development. View this video learn more.

New! Image Gallery Field 

Showcase everything your event has to offer with our new image gallery field. No more messing with Canva or other graphic editors to make image collages into a single image. Now you can create image galleries simply using rows, columns, and even set custom cropping shapes like squares, rectangles and circles. 

Worried about how it will look on mobile? We got you covered! TicketSpice has included mobile settings in the image gallery field ensuring your page dances seamlessly between mobile and desktop.

With this new field you’ll have more creative control over the design of your page to better market your event and increase conversions. Sounds like a win, win to me! Check out this video to dive into this new field more. 

Picture Field Is Now The Image Field

Previously named the “Picture” field, it has now been replaced with the new and improved image field. This image field will allow you to crop, round corners, and make your images fit the way you want. No external tools nor begging your graphic designer for just one more change. 

Simply customize your image within your TicketSpice page. It's like Ticketspice went to design school so you don't have to. Watch this to learn more.

With these updates, your pages will look better, feel better, and provide your ticket purchasers with more clarity and confidence when purchasing. 

Ready to turn your event pages into masterpieces? Reach out to our team to learn how to make your page make you look like the event rockstar you were born to be!

Happy designing!