Amazing Electronic Ticket Delivery Options

Paper tickets are becoming more expensive and less common.

With TicketSpice, your ticket buyers will love the ability to save time and toner by choosing their preferred electronic delivery method without any additional fees or surcharges.

And for those who still want to print their ticket at home, that still works too.

Amazing Electronic Ticket Delivery Options with TicketSpice

Text message ticket delivery

TicketSpice has made sending tickets to friends and family easier than ever. Send one or send all. Texting your tickets to yourself or friends is the fastest way to send and save your tickets.

Text message ticket delivery
Save tickets to Apple Wallet

Save tickets to Apple Wallet

Digital wallets such as Apple Wallet are increasingly popular with tickets and passes. With TicketSpice, patrons can add one or multiple tickets to Apple Wallet and present their valid QR code at entry.

Email or Screenshot

TicketSpice makes digital ticket redemption easy with Apple Wallet, Email or Screenshot. The TicketSpice ticket scanning app will be compatible for whatever your attendees preferred method is.

If all else fails, the TicketSpice ticket scanning app offers manual search and lookup any attendee.


Electronic ticket delivery is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing platform.

Text message delivery

Send individual tickets or all of them via text message to yourself, friends, or family,

Apple Wallet

Add tickets directly to the Apple Wallet to recover from the app onsite.

Email or Screenshot

Send tickets via email to yourself or friends or screenshot the tickets from your mobile browser.

Manual lookup

Even in the worst case situation, the TicketSpice scanning app offers manual lookup.

Join a TicketSpice Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend a demo and check out event ticketing with TicketSpice. You’ll learn to use the ticketing page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

event ticketing software demo for selling tickets online
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