Events involve dozens of moving parts and people; sometimes, even if you’ve planned well, things go wrong. Perhaps the headliner band drops out last minute, or an attendee has a medical emergency from the heat. While you can’t prevent every problem from happening, there are ways to stop them from derailing your event.

Below are 6 common pitfalls and ways to prevent them from ruining your event. 

Problem 1 - Dropouts

Whether it’s the ren faire’s turkey leg vendor, or the music festival’s most anticipated band, a last-minute dropout can disappoint attendees and sour event morale. 

To minimize your chances of a dropout, keep your event participants accountable. Communicate upfront about your cancelation policy, and ask for adequate notice. In addition, offer purchase protection so attendees can get a refund if they need to cancel.

Protip: Have a few backup options lined up, so you’re not left scrambling. 

Problem 2 - Medical Emergencies

Every year at Stagecoach, nearly a hundred festival goers end up in the hospital for reasons related to alcohol and heat each weekend. No event is immune to medical emergencies, but you can minimize the serious risks by having adequate medically trained staff onsite and easily accessible. 

In the lead up to the event, educate attendees about any relevant risks and encourage them to act responsibly.

Problem 3 - Technology Failure

From slow WiFi to static speakers, technology issues can cause delays and impede event flow.

The best way to prevent tech failure from hurting your event is to test, test, and test again. For any event with a heavy audio/visual component, such as a concert or movie night, make sure the team has plenty of time to set up and test their equipment beforehand. 

Pro tip: Give some serious consideration to your ticketing software partner. You want a reliable software company that won't leave you hanging the day of your event. Not only is TicketSpice reliable for ticket scanning, but when you go live, our software can handle the rush at scale. 

Problem 4 - Unexpected Weather

Unexpected weather can change the course of an event in a hurry. Wildfire smoke, for example, can make an outdoor county fair hazardous, and a monsoon can turn a concert mosh pit into a mud pit. 

The best way to deal with unexpected weather is to plan for it. Consider securing a tent or investing in waterproof equipment to deal with rain.

If the weather is extreme enough to create a safety issue, have a backup date and notify the attendees as soon as possible.

Problem 5 - Too Many No-Shows

A sparsely populated event can feel anticlimactic for attendees and disheartening for event organizers—especially when you’ve worked hard to accommodate a much larger group. 

Sometimes, no-shows happen because people just forget. Keep your event top of mind by sending plenty of email or text reminders.

No-shows are also common at free events, where less is at stake. Consider charging a small fee for tickets or including an optional donation field. People are less likely to skip what they’ve paid for! 

Problem 6 - Long Lines

When attendees have to stand around for hours before your event, their energy levels take a nosedive. Not to mention, a long line can be a turnoff for onlookers. 

While adequate staff and kiosks can help, having a quality ticket-scanning app really busts the bottlenecks. When attendees breeze through the line with a QR code, they can get right to the fun.

Final Takeaways

As an event organizer, you never set out for things to go wrong, but inevitably blunders happen. To stop these mishaps from sending your event south, plan ahead, troubleshoot early, and put these solutions into practice.

If other event problems are leaving you stumped, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice Team