As an event organizer, there’s nothing better than seeing the words SOLD OUT in capital letters at the top of your website. Too many event organizers, though, in the pursuit of sold-out events, focus solely on the number of tickets while neglecting the types of tickets. 

Offering multiple types of tickets at various price points will make your event more accessible and appealing to a much broader range of people—from the student on a shoestring budget to the executive looking for an elite experience.

When designing your ticket types, it’s time to think beyond general admission and VIP. While that’s a good place to start, we suggest you offer even more options.

Below are 10 common event ticket types to consider using for your next event. 

1. General Admission Tickets

The most popular of all the ticket types, General admission will make up the bulk of your attendees. The general admission ticket offers admission and access to the main event, but doesn’t include any of the extra perks included in the VIP or member-only tickets.

2. VIP Tickets

For some ticket buyers, general admission just won't cut it; they want access to exclusive perks and elite status. Perhaps they want to meet the band backstage, or they want to sit in the best seats at the concert. These attendees are more than willing to pay the more expensive ticket price for the premium ticket offering. 

3. Coded Discount Tickets

Every year, millions of attendees take advantage of discount codes to attend events. Discount codes never go out of style, and they can be a great way to entice attendees in specific groups such as students and seniors. If you’re offering 20% off to Senior citizens, for example, create the code SENIOR20 so they can snag their discounted ticket at checkout. 

4. Reserved Seating

Not every attendee wants to brave the free-for-all chaos of open seating. For events where seating matters, such as an outdoor movie night or a theater festival, make sure to give attendees an opportunity to purchase a front-row seat. Checkout more details on reserved seating and layouts in this blog post.

5. Multi-day or Single-day Passes

If your event spans multiple days, many of your attendees will only want to attend part of it. What if they only like bands playing on day one of the festival, or they need to travel home on the last day? No problem!

Make it easy, and let your attendees choose between the single-day and multi-day pass 

6. Tickets at the Door

As the saying goes, it’s not over till it’s over. As long as you still have inventory, offer tickets at the door. You never know who will make a last-minute decision or join a friend to attend your event. 

7. Mobile Tickets 

Today, mobile devices generate 54% of global website traffic. As an event organizer, you can expect 60% of ticket sales to come through mobile devices. Mobile tickets boost revenue for you and cut down on lines for your attendees.

8. Early Bird Discount Tickets

By offering early bird tickets, you get a pulse on your event attendance and start earning revenue before the event begins. To turn the average attendee into an early bird, offer them a sweet deal. You can discount the price, the VIP experience, the swag, or all of the above. Whatever the incentive, make sure to treat these early-bird buyers like royalty.

9. Family Passes

Whether it’s at the fall apple orchard or the spring flower farm, many events are geared toward families. At the same time, the cost of purchasing individual tickets for a family of 5 will inevitably turn some families away. 

Make your event more inclusive by offering families a deal. A family pass encourages attendees to buy in bulk and increases your numbers in the process. 

10. Members Only Tickets

Memberships are a great way to increase your revenue, build a loyal customer base, and reward your attendees with exclusive perks. 

Consider offering members unlimited access to the farm during harvest season, or a first-in-line pass for every Friday night carnival. With enticing perks, and a hint of FOMO, the non-members will want to join in on the fun.

Final Takeaways

Your attendees are as unique as your event. Instead of offering only one ticket level—and leaving money on the table—add some dimension to your event with multiple types of tickets.

Still not sure which ticket type is best for you? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our award-winning customer support team. 

We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice Team