Advanced Event Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraudsters are stealing millions of dollars from event organizers by a sophisticated scheme. Don't fall victim to thousands of dollars in costly chargebacks due to fraud.

Only TicketSpice has sophisticated fraud monitoring and detection that stops fraudster dead in their tracks before they can reserve tickets.

How Fraudsters Are Stealing Millions

Recently, fraudsters have turned their sights on events and are stealing millions of dollars from event organizers just like you. If your event hasn't been a victim yet, sadly it's probably only a matter of time. Here's what the fraudsters are doing:

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1. Fraudsters Obtain Stolen Credit Card Numbers

The first step for the fraudsters if obtaining valid credit card numbers from victims who don't know they are victimized yet. They act fast because they know the credit cards will be canceled soon.

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2. Fraudsters Buy Tickets with Stolen Credit Cards

With a bank of valid credit cards, fraudsters are looking for events to buy tickets. They will reserve many tickets, often high value tickets and experiences. They reserve tickets for events occurring within the next couple of days.

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3. Fraudsters Quickly Resell Tickets Online To Unsuspecting Buyers

Immediately after purchase fraudsters will list their newly bought tickets for a steep discount on places like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and anywhere else they can find secondary buyers. They usually sell the tickets for cash or some other method that has no recourse.

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4. The New Ticket Owners Attend Your Event

Innocent secondary market buyers attend your event that they got for a nice discount. They present their valid ticket for entry and enjoy your event.

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5. Stolen Card Holders Fight Charges

After some days or weeks, the victims of the stolen credit cards realize they have been victimized and fight the credit card charges for your event by issuing a chargeback. They were never involved in purchasing the tickets nor attending.

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6. Event Organizers Lose Event Revenue and Pay Costly Chargebacks

Because of credit card laws, credit card companies immediately refund the cardholders who were victimized even though the ticket used. Not only do events lose the ticketing revenue for attendees who attended the event, they incur massive fees associated with chargebacks.  

How TicketSpice Fraud Detection Combats Event Fraud

Don't let your event fall victim to Fraudsters. Trust TicketSpice to stop them in their tracks.

Fraud Prevention Before The Transaction

Most events rely on their payment processor to catch fraud. But because fraudsters are using newly stolen credit card data with valid address information, credit card companies are not likely to catch these fraudsters.

But with TicketSpice's fraud detection, we're able to catch the bad guys before their transaction is even submitted to the payment processors.

Machine Learning with Billions of Data Points

Our fraud infrastructure leverages the power of machine learning that has been trained on billions of transactions + human expertise to identify fraudulent users and quickly catch them -- preventing them from reserving tickets. This powerful analysis of dozens of data points happens in less than a tenth of a second.

TicketSpice's fraud detections works across our entire events ecosystem meaning you'll be protected should fraud be detected on any other event on TicketSpice platform.

Customizable Fraud Controls

With TicketSpice’s advanced fraud detection, you can customize the threshold strength scores, identifies, and catches fraudulent activity. The higher the threshold, the more strict the system will be. Best of all, you can customize the threshold for each event so you are in total control. 

Nearly Eliminate Fraud Loss and Chargeback Fees

Because TicketSpice’s fraud detection catches fraudsters before they can use a stolen credit card on your event, you’ll save thousands of dollars lost to chargebacks and chargeback fees. You can rest easy knowing our fraud algorithms are working around the clock to catch the latest threats and attacks.

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