The Best Box Office App to Sell Tickets On-Site

Traditionally, selling tickets on-site can be a real pain in the seat warmer. TicketSpice's box office ticketing app makes it easy, by enabling you to sell onsite tickets using an iPad.

Take credit card or cash payments and track it all in one easy to use system.

The box office app gives you total control over the on-site ticket sales experience with custom pricing overrides, cashier tracking, and hardware integrations to take payments fast.

Sell tickets on-site with the TicketSpice Box Office App

Custom box office overrides

The box office app empowers you to customize how you sell tickets on-site and at which price points.

When creating ticket levels for your event, you can specify box-office only pricing to track sales and inventory in one place.

Need to hide or show speciality ticket levels in the box office? No problem. Simply mark which ticket levels can be sold on-site and you are set.

Hide or show speciality ticket levels with the TicketSpice Box Office App
Cash tracking and cashier reports with the TicketSpice Box Office App

Cash tracking and cashier reports

If you are managing a cash box for on-site ticket sales, you'll need to keep detailed reports for opening and ending cash balances.

TicketSpice makes reconciling cash simple and easy. Better yet, TicketSpice also tracks each team member's sales by payment type and generates a detail sales report.

Printer support including boca

In addition to supporting text-message delivery of on-site ticket sales, the TicketSpice box office app syncs with popular bluetooth receipt printers to generate a paper ticket on-site.

For premium events and reserved seating venues, the box office app is compatible with the Boca Lemur printer to generate beautiful hard stock tickets.

TicketSpice box office app syncs with popular bluetooth receipt printers to generate a paper ticket on-site
The TicketSpice Box Office App is Compatible with Square hardware

Compatible with Square hardware

If you're accustomed to using Square or are wanting to try their point of sale hardware, you'll be pleased to know you can run your box office sales using Square card readers.

Sell tickets then swipe, tap, or dip the credit card to process payments through your Square account. All your ticketing sales data will be reported in both TicketSpice and your Square account.

The box office on-site ticketing app is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing platform today.

Simple and easy to Use

Start selling tickets on-site by downloading the free box office app from the App Store.

Synchonized with online payments

All your sales data from online to onsite is synchronized and centralized.

Optional Square integration

Swipe, tap, or dip ticket buyer's credit cards and process payments using your Square account.

Print on-site + Boca printer

Print on-site tickets using thermal printers or connect it to the Boca Lemur bluetooth printer.

Easy Group check-in

Cashier and cash tracking

Manage a cash box and track opening and ending cash as well as generate cashier sales reports.

View and void recent orders

Track recent on-site order and void any mistakes quickly and easily.

Join a TicketSpice Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend a demo and check out event ticketing with TicketSpice. You’ll learn to use the ticketing page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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