We’ve been dropping new updates to TicketSpice faster than the leaves outside your window right now. In this article, we have 4 updates and features for you to check out. 

Let's cut to the chase and tell you what’s new and updated in TicketSpice. 

1: Mobile Pay Pass Available For All

A few months back we announced and offered early access to our new feature Mobile Pay Pass in beta. Now after a few months of testing, we are making this innovative feature for contactless/cashless payments available to all.

Mobile Pay Pass is an on-site / cashless payment method that converts all your attendee’s ticket QR codes into an on-site cashless payment method. With the credit card from the reservation linked to the QR code of their ticket, your attendees can make any purchase on-site simply by presenting their ticket and entering a personalized pin to complete the transaction. Learn more about Mobile Pay Pass works here!

2: New Feature: Contact Insights

Have you ever wondered how the biggest and most successful organizations are so successful at growing their markets? One of their strategies is utilizing 3rd party data sources to learn more about their customers so they can make better decisions. 

In a first for the ticketing industry, TicketSpice has partnered with one of the leading data enrichment providers in the world who provide 50+ billion online and offline data points. These data points will span10 different categories to enhance your existing customer data with actionable insights and trends. 

After activating the Contact Insights, matching contact profiles will be updated with information such as interests, education, household stats, and more from publicly available records. With Contact Insights, you’ll be able to understand your customers better with key demographic data empowering you to identify trends and niches, attract sponsors, and improve your event offering. 

Best of all, the enrichment service is GDPR compliant and your data remains private. Learn more about Contact Insights here!

3: Updated Ticketing Page Styles

Did you notice your ticketing pages looking a little more refined this month? That is because our design team spent time updating and polishing styles of our TicketSpice pages to be more uniform and consistent. Fields, spacing, and layout have all been enhanced to consistent and uniform. 

Why, you ask? 

Because studies show that almost 50% of people consider the professionalism of your brand and page before making a purchase. With this mini makeover, your pages are looking and performing better than ever!

4: Swipe and Sell Tickets From Laptops

If you saw our last update, we improved the Box Office App as well as made it compatible to sell tickets from your iPhone. If that wasn't enough, we also added support for selling tickets from a laptop using a USB card swiper. 

This can be helpful for when you want to sell from a traditional laptop computer (instead of an ipad) but don't want to manually type in credit card numbers. The USB card swiper works with any TicketSpice page on your browser. Contact us for compatible models. 

Okay, that’s it for now… With all these updates we hope you’ll be better at making money than the IRS on tax day!

We have many more features in the works that will be coming out soon. So stay connected here and watch for more updates coming. We appreciate all the great feedback we get from people like you and will continue to work each day to be the best event ticketing partner possible.