Well, well, well… It’s that time of year folks. Eventbrite has raised their prices, yet again. 

By our official count that’s TEN TIMES they’ve ratcheted up fees and dropped them onto event organizers and event attendees. And we know it won’t be their last. 

By all accounts, Eventbrite changes their fees more times than Taylor Swift changes her outfits on the Eras Tour. 

So what is their new pricing for 2023? We’re so glad you asked. You can see it for yourself on Eventbrite’s website here and here, but we’ll break it down. 

As of August 2023, Eventbrite’s pricing is as follows, for now: 


  • $1.79 per ticket (up from $1.59 and $0.99 in the past)
  • 3.7% service fee (up from 3.5% and 2.5% in the past)
  • 2.9% credit card fees (up from 2.5% in the past)
  • New one time and/or monthly fees based on number of tickets sold ($10 - $159/month)
  • $1 fee per ticket on all in-person sales including cash & credit cards (up from $0 in the past)
  • Fee cap removed (once was $19.95 and $9.95 in the past)
  • Will no longer refund their fees on canceled or refunded tickets
  • Customer support from a real human now requires being on a monthly plan   

Whew… is that all? Did we miss anything? Math make brain foggy. 

Let’s compare that hot mess to TicketSpice. Here’s our pricing:

Yup, that’s it. Seriously. Fits on one handy little graphic. 

TicketSpice is just $0.99 per ticket plus the standard 2.99% credit card fees. No service fees, no monthly fees, no gimmicks, no surprises, no shenanigans. 

We even drop our prices to $0.49 for tickets under $5 and we’ll work with you on refunds & cancellations by offering Purchase Protection your attendees can select to protect everyone if something goes wrong. 

As for customer support, it’s free and included, no matter the size of your event. 

Still not convinced Eventbrite is all that bad? Check out our official comparison page and stack up TicketSpice vs Eventbrite on not just price, but features, support, ticketing page layout, data security, and more. 

Curious on Eventbrite’s sordid history of price gouging over the years? Check out The Official Eventbrite Pricing Increase Timeline: 2007 - Present Day. It reads like a grocery store checkout line crime novel and let me tell you, it’s a doozy. 

Thanks for considering TicketSpice. We believe we offer the best product, for the best price, with the best team. If you want to host your most profitable event ever and delight your attendees, all while saving a boat load of money, we’d love to chat further. 

And remember friends… stop getting clowned by your ticketing company.