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Watch an instant demo of our best ticketing features or register for a custom VIP demo for larger events.

The TicketSpice demo covers everything from creating your event ticketing page, to managing attendees, reporting, and on-site ticket scanning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events can I host with TicketSpice?

The most popular events are festivals, fairs, farms, haunted events, winter events, airshows, speedways, museums, and more.

Can I host virtual events with TicketSpice?

TicketSpice is best for live events. But our affiliated product, RegFox, is great for virtual events. Learn more about virtual events options here.

Is there a demo of TicketSpice?

Yes, definitely. Check out the on-demand demo of TicketSpice. Larger events over 7,500 annual attendees can also access a custom VIP demo with a friendly member of our sales team.

Can I customize my event pages?

Event page customization is one of the key differences between us and the other guys. Learn more about how to customize your event page here.

Does TicketSpice have conditional logic options?

Absolutely. With TicketSpice you can create powerful event ticketing pages that dynamically adjust based on conditions you set. Fully automate all your pricing rules, dynamically show or hide ticketing options, and set triggers based on inventory limits. Learn more about actions here.

Can I offer merchandise through my event page?

Yes, and we’d encourage you to do so! If you aren't up-selling attendees with products, merchandise, and add-ons on your ticketing page, you are leaving money on the table. Learn more about adding products & merch to your ticketing page.

Can I scan TicketSpice tickets at my event?

Yes, we offer the industry's best ticket scanning app. Loved by some of the biggest events in the country, the TicketSpice Ticket Scanning App is available for both Apple iOS devices and Android phones and tablets. Learn more here.

Can I sell tickets the day of my event or just online?

You can do both. TicketSpice offers best in class online ticketing, but our Box Office app lets you process tickets anytime and anywhere with cash or card. Learn more about Box Office.

Do you offer ticket printing?

Yes, TicketSpice also offers hardstock ticket printing for your events. Learn more about hardstock ticketing here.

How do I get help?

Got more questions? We have several ways you can connect to our Solutions Team. Whether via chat, phone, or screenshare, we even have weekend support for you and your team. Click here to connect with our customer support team.

Do you offer onboarding or account setup?

For larger events over 7,500 attendees, we do offer custom onboarding. But TicketSpice is so user friendly, you’re able to do it all yourself also! Any questions you can chat or schedule a call with our support team here.

Can I move to TicketSpice from another event platform?

Yes. And we’re happy to help import your attendee contact base. Reach out to our Solutions team to start the process.