We’ve got a fantastic new feature update to share with anyone looking to help boost their event attendance and engagement. Newly added to our super duper awesome Text Message Platform is the ability to automatically send text message event reminders. Woot! 

In case you missed it, last year we launched the TicketSpice Text Messaging Platform – our very own ground-up text communication platform built just for events. If you are not using text messaging as part of your marketing efforts, you are missing a huge opportunity. Text message communication is regarded as the highest engagement medium and has a 3x higher open rate than email. 

Okay, back to the new feature update for text messaging…

Scheduled text messaging allows you to maximize your event marketing and management efforts by scheduling event reminders and notifications before or after your event. You can select to send based on the attendee's event date, ticket date, or time slot selection. 

Scheduled text messages can be used to supercharge your event and increase revenue with last-minute notifications for ticket upgrades, add ons, merchandise, and more. 

Not only can you send texts before your event, you can automatically send text messages AFTER your event as well. Perhaps it's a simple thank you, maybe a survey link, or better yet, an exclusive coupon to come back with a discount. 

Check out this article to learn more about scheduled text messages.

And guess what?! There are still many more enhancements to TicketSpice on their way. We’re working on dynamic text messages where you can send a text immediately after a ticket has been scanned, sending targeted text messages to specific days/time slots, wristband printing, reserved seating updates, and more. 

This is all part of our mission to give you the world’s best ticketing platform that helps you do more than ever before. 

As our team continues to bring you new updates and upgrades to the TicketSpice platform this year, please continue to share your suggestions and ideas with our team as they really do help us better serve you. 

If you have any questions or would like assistance with these updates, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you host your best event ever!

-Eric & the TicketSpice Team

P.S. Fraudsters have been on the loose and have been targeting events. We made a best security practices guide for you to keep your event data secure. Be sure to check it out!