In today’s event industry, paper tickets, and the long queues that accompany them, are on their way out. Digital ticketing has transformed the selling and purchasing of event tickets and simultaneously improved the attendee experience.

Perhaps you’re wondering, What exactly is digital ticketing? A digital ticket is an electronic version of a traditional ticket—via email, mobile app, or text— that offers attendees a secure and convenient way to access events. 

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff: how digital ticketing can benefit your event.

Easy Access

These days, not everyone has a printer at home; millennials are notorious for surviving off of their work printers. When attendees have to swing by a FedEx store or library to print a ticket, it adds an extra barrier to entry. In some cases, say, a last-minute invite or a late-night event, a required printed ticket will deter them from attending altogether. 

Digital tickets allow attendees to access their official tickets within a couple of clicks—no more frantic searching for lost tickets on the way to the event! 

Real-Time Updates

Events are dynamic, and it’s not uncommon for event plans to change. Just as a mobile boarding pass automatically updates for gate changes and flight delays, a mobile event ticket allows event organizers to keep attendees in the loop if there’s a change in timing or venue, etc. 

Increased Security

Gone are the days of fraudulent, photo-copied paper tickets. If you use the TicketSpice scanning app, all the scanning devices automatically sync with each other to give you a powerful safeguard against duplicate or fraudulent tickets. The TicketSpice app will give you peace of mind by alerting you to duplicate ticket details—including when and where they were last scanned. 

Enhanced Data Insights

One of the benefits of going digital is the massive amount of data it offers event organizers. You can track sales, analyze demographics, and learn valuable insights about your attendees to improve future events. 

Pro tip: We recommend using the TicketSpice analytics tool to track page visitors, sales, refunds, and conversion rates.

Less Wait Time

Long lines before an event can dampen the mood and kill the excitement—especially if the lines come with inclement weather. When you have hundreds or thousands of attendees clamoring to enter a festival, every second counts. 

With digital ticketing, attendees simply flash the QR code on their phone and scan in. The streamlined check-in process creates a better experience for attendees and often increases revenue for organizers.

Once you go digital, you’ll never go back!

Ready to say goodbye to the hassles of traditional ticketing? Our support team at TicketSpice is happy to help you get started on your transition to paperless tickets. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question.

We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice Team