As an event organizer, keeping your event and attendees safe from threats should be a top priority. Today, security breaches are rampant and becoming increasingly sophisticated. So far in 2024, Vans, Bank of America, and Trello have all reported recent data breaches—and that’s just the beginning of the list.

To ensure the safety of your events and the data of your attendees, implement these five security best practices.

Tip # 1 Activate 2-Factor Authentication

Many account attacks start with a hacker attempting to steal a customer’s information. Stop these attacks by adding an extra layer of security to your accounts and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible. 

2FA requires a password and an additional form of verification (such as a 4-digit code) sent to your phone. Even if your password gets compromised, having 2FA significantly reduces the risk of account attacks via unauthorized access. If you haven’t already utilized it in your TicketSpice account, follow these instructions to turn it on.

Tip # 2 Utilize Fraud Detection Software

Before you can stop fraudsters from ruining your event, it’s important to understand how they are stealing their millions. It starts with fraudsters purchasing tickets with stolen credit card numbers and quickly reselling those tickets to buyers who have no idea. Inevitably, when the original cardholders fight the charges, the credit card companies have to refund them. Event organizers eat the cost, losing revenue and paying massive chargeback fees as a result. 

With TicketSpice fraud detection, the infrastructure captures data points from billions of transactions to identify fraudulent purchases in merely a second. With data and human expertise, you can flag a fraudulent purchase before the transaction even goes through. 

Tip # 3 Schedule an Annual Password Change 

Changing your password once a year might sound like a hassle, but it's nothing compared to the hassle of having a fraudster steal your info in a security breach. Outdated or easily guessable passwords—such as 654321 and mypassword—are an open invitation to account hackers. A regular password update is a small price to pay to keep your accounts on tight lockdown and cut the risk of unauthorized access.

Tip # 4 Keep Your Passwords Organized 

An annual password update is a good way to keep cybercriminals out of your account, although without a system to keep your passwords organized, it’s also a guaranteed way to lock you out of your own account! 

Managing passwords across multiple accounts can be a headache—especially when each one is unique. We can’t blame anyone for struggling to recall “pasS3w0rdz*!?” off the top of their head. That's where password management tools come to the rescue. We recommend using an app such as Authy, 1Password, or LastPass Authenticator

These convenient applications store all your passwords securely in one encrypted vault, allowing you to access them whenever you need.  They also support secure backup so you can restore the codes even if you lose access to your device. Once you’ve set up the password management tool, it’s time to take those password-scribbled sticky notes to the paper shredder.

Tip # 5 Audit Account Users 

Too many account users can put your account at risk and bottleneck the flow. Whether it's staff members, volunteers, or third-party vendors, each user should have permissions tailored to their respective roles. Periodically conduct a user access audit to make sure that only the right individuals can view, edit, or manage sensitive information at any given time. Pro tip: Don’t forget about removing previous employees; their passwords can get hacked too.

Final Takeaways

Event security is non-negotiable, and implementing these best practices will help you stay a step ahead of the threats. From two-factor authentication to password management tools, each step you take towards tightening security adds an extra layer of protection for your events and attendees. When it comes to security, it's always better to be proactive than reactive. 

Ready to take your security to the next level? Get started with TicketSpice today and rest easy knowing that your events are in safe hands. 

We’re here to help you have the best event ever!

— The TicketSpice team