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Save Thousands With TicketSpice

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TicketSpice Pricing is 99¢ per attendee
Average credit card fees are 2.9% + 30¢. No contracts, no setup fees, no cancelation fees.
TicketLeap Pricing is $1 + 2%, capped at $10.00 per attendees
Average credit card fees are 3%. No contracts, no setup fees, no cancelation fees
Bottom line: using TicketLeap will cost you 203% more than if you used TicketSpice.

Total savings


/ year



every 5 years

Calculator based on ticketing fees of 99¢ per paid ticket + standard credit card processing rates of 2.9% + 30¢.

9 Key Differences Between Ticketleap and TicketSpice You Need To Know

Ticketleap and TicketSpice might seem close in comparison, but they are not. For event pros, there is no comparison to TicketSpice. Here's 9 key differences between TicketSpice and Ticketleap.

Ticketleap ticketing fees

1. Ticketleap doesn’t allow you to set, markup or keep ticketing fees

With Ticketleap, they control and keep all ticketing fees on the page. Worse, they disallow you from adding additional fees and line items to the page, robbing you of valuable revenue potential.

TicketSpice’s fees are flat 99 cents. But that doesn’t mean you cannot add additional fees, surcharges and markups. Pass them along as one fee or itemize them out however you like. Discover a new profit center with this game-changing feature. You set them and keep 100% of whatever you add.

Ticketleap terms of service event payouts

2. Ticketleap holds your funds until after your event

By default, Ticketleap holds 100% of your payout until 5 days after your event unless you apply and hope to get approved for their FastPay service – which approvals are currently limited during Covid. Even with Fastpay, you won’t receive payouts the week of your event, when a substantial portion of your revenue is generated.

Instead, Ticketleap holds them until 3-6 business days after your event. With TicketSpice, you can get weekly payouts even the week of your event.

TicketLeap change order

3. Ticketleap doesn’t allow you to change or upgrade existing ticket orders

With Ticketleap, your ticket orders are set in stone. There are no changes, modifications, upgrades, or downgrades allowed to existing ticket orders. To change a ticket order in Ticketleap, you must refund them and tell your attendee to start over. To heck with that.

TicketSpice lets you modify any ticket order and make modifications seamlessly and effortlessly. The system recalculates the total and charges (or refunds) the original card on file.

Ticketleap data sharing with advertisers

4. Ticketleap shares your customer data with direct marketers and advertisers

Take a look at the fine print in Ticketleap’s privacy policy. Every ticket buyer and attendee agrees to have their information shared with direct marketers and or advertising partners. To save you time, below are excerpts from their privacy policy. See for yourself.

With TicketSpice, your data belongs to you. It is never ever shared with any 3rd party for purposes of advertising, direct marketing, or offers. Period.

Ticketleap branding on ticketing page

5. Ticketleap’s branding is on top of your ticketing page

If you care about the ticketing experience and having your brand showcased, Ticketleap may not be the right solution for you. Their ticketing page template places their logo (not yours) at the very top of your ticketing page and limits your customization to a couple settings. Then at the bottom of their page, they have multiple links directing buyers to Ticketleap’s site.

TicketLeap fixed ticketing fees

6. Ticketleap requires merchandise and upgrades to be sold as additional tickets (with per ticket fees!)

Selling merchandise, product, or other on-site upgrades on Ticketleap is a pain. Instead of a field on the ticketing page for these types of upgrades, Ticketleap requires you to present them as tickets. Not only is that an awkward way to sell upgrades, they charge an additional ticketing fee of $1 + 2% before credit card processing per item.

With TicketSpice, you can beautifully sell merch, products, and other upgrades in a number of ways with no ticketing fees. Credit card fees still apply.

Ticketleap facebook ad conversion tracking

7. Ticketleap can’t track Facebook conversions

If digital marketing on Facebook and Instagram matter to you, don’t look to Ticketleap to give you any insights on ROI for your ad spend. They neither support custom Facebook pixel events nor Facebook’s conversion API to show you how your advertising dollars are working.

TicketSpice offers a deep tracking and conversion integration with Facebook so you can track and view your digital marketing dollars.

Ticketleap ticket design customization

8. Ticketleap limits your page to a fixed layout

If you want to stand out and have a ticketing page that matches your website and brand, don’t use Ticketleap. Ticketleap gives you a rigid event template that limits you to a hero image and accent color. You cannot change layouts, fonts, flow, order, or arrangement of your ticketing page. (And trust us, we’ve tried.)

With TicketSpice, you can create a stunning ticketing page that is only limited by your creativity. Every TicketSpice page is customizable with nearly zero restrictions. Don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself.

Ticketleap fees and pricing

9. Ticketleap’s ticketing fees are big (and all go to them)

The bigger the ticket price, the bigger the bite Ticketleap takes out of your revenue. Ticketleap’s fee is $1 + 2% before credit card fees of 3%.

With Ticketleap, you are unable to add your own fees or markup any existing ticket fees. Industry standard practice is ticketing fees go to the platform on which they’re sold. If you want industry standard, go with Ticketleap. If you want better, customizable and awesome, go with TicketSpice.

Ticketleap Comes Up Short on Important Features

If you're looking for a system that is truly like your own, you might want to pass on Ticketleap. Here's a feature comparison of Ticketleap and TicketSpice, based on Ticketleap’s features as of May 2022.


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$1 + 2% (plus credit card)


99¢ + credit card fees

Drag and Drop Layout Editor

Full Branding and Style Control

Customized Page Layout

Custom Field Types


20+ Field Type

Editing Orders with card on file

Text Message Ticket Delivery

Custom Ticket Design


Conditional Logic

Custom Email Confirmations

Custom Confirmation Page

Built-in CRM

Data Privacy


Facebook Conversion Tracking

Ambassador Program

Memorized Reports


Create, Set, Keep Fees

Card on File Pre-Reservations

Purchase Protection

Instant Payouts

Fundraising Options


Merchandise Fields

Custom Gateways



Detailed Team Permissions


Integrated E-Waivers

Ticketleap Uses Misleading and Untruthful Marketing Practices

Ticketleap vs ticketspice

We are all for a friendly competition. It makes a better product for you, the event organizer, when companies like us compete. But Ticketleap is spreading misinformation about us on a comparison page about TicketSpice.

Ticketleap vs Ticketspice reviews

Claim #1: Ticketleap’s platform is easier to use than TicketSpice

Rating: FALSE

Based on numerous third party reviews on trusted sites, TicketSpice beats Ticketleap in ratings for ease of use. TicketSpice beats Ticketleap in overall rating and in user friendly ratings.

Ticketleap customer service vs TicketSpice customer service

Claim #2: Ticketleap’s customer service is better than TicketSpice

Rating: FALSE

Based on numerous third party reviews, TicketSpice beats Ticketleap on customer service reviews and satisfaction.

Ticketleap add-ons

Claim #3: Ticketleap doesn't charge for extra features

Rating: FALSE

When selling products, merchandise, donations, and upgrades with your event, Ticketleap requires you to sell them as tickets with their $1 + 2% per ticket fee. When using TicketSpice, you add any additional add-ons to your ticketing page without any ticketing fees.

Ticketleap vs TicketSpice ticketing fees

Claim #4: TicketSpice costs more when using your own payment processor

Rating: FALSE

Math must be hard for the folks at Ticketleap because they claim that using your own payment processor with TicketSpice can cost more than Ticketleap. Using your own custom processor is not required and is not necessary for most events. Even if choose to use one, it may cost an extra 1% on top of TicketSpice's low 99 cent per ticket fee, which is still a full 1% less than TicketLeap.

Ticketleap comparison lies

Claim #5: TicketSpice charges for free events

Rating: FALSE

As clearly stated on TicketSpice's pricing page, when you use TicketSpice for paid and free events, your free events are free. If your attendees have a free coupon, there are no ticketing fees either.

Price breakdown

The pricing speaks for itself. TicketSpice is far and away a more affordable alternative to Ticketleap.

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Per atendee

+ 2.9% + 30¢ credit card fee

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No contracts

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No annual fees

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No pre-payment of fees

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$1 + 2%

Per atendee

+ 3% credit card processing

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Can't create, set, & keep fees

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No instant payouts

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No purchase protection

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