Security From The Unexpected With Purchase Protection

Give your attendees peace of mind by adding Purchase Protection to your event ticketing page.

Purchase Protection is not insurance. It's an optional service allowing ticket buyers to upgrade their ticket and get a full refund should they be prohibited from attending.

Add to any ticketing page in seconds. 100% free to offer.

Purchase Protection is free for event organizers and only collects a small fractional fee to attendees who enroll. Purchase Protection is an optional upgrade that appears right before ticket buyers complete payment.

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Purchase protection service for events

All requests and refunds are handled by Purchase Protection

Say goodbye to costly refunds and upset customers who don't show up to your event. Purchase Protection handles all claims and directly pays out all refunds to qualified attendees.

Enjoy more sales and less attendee requests

Peace of mind means more tickets sold. With Purchase Protection, your event attendees know they will receive a full refund should they be forced to skip your event.

And because you offer Purchase Protection, you can have a more strict no refund policy to those who decline the upgraded protection.

Enjoy more sales and less attendee requests
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Drive revenue with Purchase Protection

With Purchase Protection handling all qualified refund requests, you can nearly eliminate refunds - which results in higher net sales for your event.

Better yet, any cancelations that come from Purchase Protection can be sold again, effectively letting you make double the revenue for the same ticket.

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