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Host profitable virtual events

Sell tickets for your livestream event or pre-recorded content.

Over 1,000,000+ attendees have attended virtual events on our platform saving event organizers millions.

Compatible with the world's most popular video and live streaming services

Host a successful virtual event with ease

We know what it feels like to be blindsided and forced to pivot. TicketSpice aims to be your guide to navigate all this. Whether you are launching a virtual event for the first time or are converting an in-person event to virutal, we got you covered. TicketSpice is an online ticketing system and virtual events platform in one and is ready to help you host your best event ever.
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Sell tickets to your livestream, Zoom or pre-recorded video

TicketSpice supports all the major live streaming services such as Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook live, and more. Simply embed the player from your streaming service in TicketSpice's virtual event settings and ticket buyers will be issued tickets containing digital access codes to enter your virtual event. Our robust entry verification system eliminates the simultaneous use of access codes during your virtual event. You can host multiple sessions or showings in side your virtual event with unlimited livestreams and meetings.

Host interactive video sessions with chat and Q&A with TicketSpice Live

Take your virtual event engagement to the next level using TicketSpice Live -- an embedded meeting experience native within TicketSpice that features chat, Q&A, moderation, stage controls and more. This is perfect for fan experiences, meet and greets and exclusive content. Think of it as your very own embedded Zoom experience straight from the browser inside your virtual event.

TicketSpice Live lets you have up to 6 hosts on stage at once and up to 300 guests in the session at once. Hosts can bring guests to stage, share screens, moderate comments and much more. TicketSpice Live includes chat and Q&A with livestreaming.
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Livestream your pre-recorded content

Managing a true livestream can be stressful with all the equipment and production requirements. Pre-recorded content is great, but lacks the engagement and enthusiam of a livestream.

TicketSpice's latest feature gives you the peace of mind of a pre-recorded session with the engagement and excitement of a livestream. Simply create a livestream event in TicketSpice virtual event settings and specify the source as pre-recorded. Then set a livestream date and time and we'll livestream your pre-recorded content for you.

Virtual features to help you succeed

We know there is no playbook. These features help you build a virtual event experience to attract and engage attendees.

Custom branded ticketing pages

Create online ticketing pages with your logo, branding, fonts, images and more. It's nearly white label.

Unlimited price tiers

Set unlimited ticket levels and restrict access to content to certain attendee types.

All major streaming providers

Plug in your favorite livestreaming provider and stream to your attendees. Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook live, & more.

Date specific or on-demand

Dynamically show content based on dates and times. Livestream unlimited sessions and show unlimited videos to attendees.

Single day or multi-day event

Customize the dates and times that your event will happen, even every day.

No coding required

Create and build your page in seconds. No technical knowledge required. Embed in your website or link directly.

Social media integration

Create discounts and incentives for people who share your booking page on Facebook.

Ticket ordering paths

Automate discounts, create custom attendee workflows, and collect custom data based on prior responses.

Restrict to ticket holders

Restrict access to your virtual event exclusively to ticket holders and thwart free sharing.

Easy ticketing page builder & total design customization

Capture attendee data, set price points and offer discounts. Whether your event is streamed live, on-demand or is a replay, you can manage your entire online event experience with TicketSpice. Your ticketing page for your online event will feature your own branding, colors, fonts and more. Get a fully brandable ticketing page with no technical knowledge required.

Accept payments in seconds

TicketSpice comes with payment processing built in. Set multiple price tiers and attendee workflows. Accept every major credit for only 2.99% with absolutely no other fees. Funds are direct deposited into your bank account the next day.

Restrict virtual content by ticket vevel with ease

Enjoy total control and customization for your virtual event by restricting certain livestreams, content, and sessions to specific ticket levels. Simply set your ticket levels, then specify which virtual sessions and streams are viewable by each ticket level.

Craft your event schedule and sessions

Organize all your livestreams, breakout sessions and more in one simple interface. Restrict content to specific attendee types, include PDF downloads, video replays and more.

Attendee verification and security

Only ticket holders can access your virtual event. Each attendee is provided a digital pass encoded with an access token. Tokens are restricted to one IP address at a time, so they can't be shared.

Ridiculously low pricing of 99¢ per attendee & pay as you go

TicketSpice costs only $0.99 per attendee plus 2.99% for credit card processing. Save hundreds of dollars and only pay for what you use.