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Host your virtual event with TicketSpice Live

TicketSpice Live is the integrated way to host your small to medium sized virtual event directly from TicketSpice without needing any 3rd party solutions such as Zoom and Vimeo. Everything you need is built in and runs straight from the browser.

a perfect solution for

Built For maximum engagement

TicketSpice Live comes with a suite for features to help you create maximum engagement and participation while still maintaining control. It has live chat, Q&A, request to join stage, screen sharing, and dynamic attendee video and audio controls.

Up to six speakers at once

Whether you are hosting a lecture or a panel, your video stage can feature up to 6 speakers at once all sharing video and audio at the same time. You can have additional hosts as audio only. Managing the stage is easy as clicking an icon to remove or add people to stage.

Invite attendees onto the virtual stage

Delight your attendees by bringing them onto the virtual video stage. Attendees can share the video stage with your speaker or host by either requesting to join stage, or by being invited by one of the hosts. This brings a whole new level of engagement for attendees to ask questions directly to hosts and interact with the speakers live. When done, simply remove them from stage with a click.

TicketSpice Live features

Integrated Live Chat

Attendees can share live comments including emjojis. No more external chat services or hard to find chat windows.

Dedicated Q&A Panel

Tired of sorting through chat to find questions? Answer questions directly in the Q&A panel separate from the live chat box.

Custom Branded Video Player

Showcase a custom logo for your video session that gives you the professional look and feel you want.

Moderation Controls

Maintain control of your event. Delete comments, ban users, and easily move hosts on and off stage.

100% Browser Based

No extra software downloads or extensions for you or your attendees. Everything runs smoothly straight from the web browser.

Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Manage and attend from any device. Great experiences for your virtual event if you are in your home office or on the go.

Easy Host Management

Grant speakers access without ordering a ticket. Unlimited hosts on or off stage allow your speaker to focus on presenting.

Broadcast to the World

Simulcast your meeting live on YouTube, Zoom, Vimeo, Dacast and more to unlimited viewers beyond the 200 attendee limit.

Flawless from Signup to Sessions

All in one solution for ticketing and accessing meetings and sessions. Dazzle your attendees with a smooth experience.

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