Sell Tickets Now, Charge Cards Later

Pre-Registration enables you to sell tickets online to your event and then charge for them later. Charge attendees one at a time, in groups, or all at once.

De-risk your event and eliminate costly refunds and delays

In the current world we live in, you may want to de-risk your event and not take payments right away in case of possible mass refunds.

Pre-registration with card on file lets you collect attendee information with credit card details on file and then charge your attendees later when your event and capacity is certain.

Presale event ticketing software with card on file
Presale event ticketing software for selling tickets online

Setup pre-registration quickly and easily

It only takes a few seconds to add card on file pre-registration on your event page. On the TicketSpice page builder, simply enable it on the attendee billing section and configure the messaging needed for your event.

Review, charge, or mass charge event attendees

In the TicketSpice interface, you'll be able to review your pre-registration list of attendees for your event. You can decide to view, change, or charge any attendee one at a time.

Or you can mass charge any number of attendees with just a few clicks. If a card declines, the system will email the attendee to get an updated card on file to secure their spot.

pre-sale event ticketing software charge later

Pre-registration is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing platform on the market today.

Fast and easy setup

Toggle on pre-registration, customize text, and you're set.

De-risk your event

Completely de-risk your event from COVID or other cancelations and capacity restrictions.

Review and charge

Review all your pre-registered attendees and charge attendees one by after review.

Mass charge all attendees

Mass charge all your attendees or groups of them quickly and easily.

Join a TicketSpice Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend a demo and check out event ticketing with TicketSpice. You’ll learn to use the ticketing page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

event ticketing software demo for selling tickets online
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