Music is the most overlooked part of a fundraiser or event, yet music directly affects a person's mood and creates atmosphere. I understand that with so many details you juggle, some planning elements get lost at the wayside. But a killer playlist is one of the greatest assets you have, as the event organizer, to make sure your event is a success.

Researchers are in agreement with this, as they have found music not only affects mood, but it can set the tone for your event. Most importantly, it can influence buying power. As a former wedding planner, I can attest that music can make or break how your guests perceive your event. Here are some easy tips to make you the hero of your event by creating a killer playlist.

The Do's for Creating a Playlist for Your Event

Know Your Audience

Nothing kills an event faster than a soundtrack that doesn’t match the setting or guests demographic. Whether it’s too slow and it puts them to sleep or it’s a little too stimulating and your guests can’t focus, genres exist for this very reason in music. It’s a simple way to classify the numerous styles of music that are available to us. And if you know that your audience is over 40 and into rock, you probably don’t want to play hip hop. Knowing your audience matters, and will be a great asset in crafting that killer list. Ask any DJ and they will tell you the same.

Know Your Setting

Music sets a tone, and leaves a lasting impression. When creating a playlist you’ll want to be mindful of how you want your attendees to feel. Does your event take place indoors or outdoors? Is it winter or summer? Different times and seasons will have different song needs. Your playlist should reflect the overall setting and partner with your atmosphere, not compete with it.

The Don'ts for Creating A Playlist for Your Event

Don’t Overlook Classics

Classics are classics for a reason. Large groups of people identify with them. We can all agree that your goal is that people have a memorable experience at your event. Mix some classics with some deep cuts and you are well on your way to setting an incredible tone with your guests.  For example, Earth, Wind, & Fire, the Beatles, or Michael Jackson have songs that everyone enjoy.

Don't Get Overwhelmed

With music streaming services being the most common way to buy music nowadays, you have access to some of the greatest music libraries at your fingertips. So don't let yourself feel unqualified but get started! Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, to name a few, are industry leaders that provide curated playlists that are great starters to get the ball rolling for your event.

Have a listen to two playlists we've created that are awesome examples of the tips above.

  • Example 1: A great playlist for a Summer jazz festival, click here.
  • Example 2: A great example of what not to do, click here.

With these tips you’ll be able to create a fun playlist that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees so they return to your event each year. Have you learned any other pro tips that have helped you create a killer playlist? We’d love to hear from you, start a chat with our team.