When you walk into Starbucks, of course you expect your cup of coffee passed off with a smile. You might even walk into the Apple store and receive the best customer service of your life. But did you know, warm personal interactions can also happen during online customer support? Here at Webconnex, most of our clients don’t expect their customer support experience with their online registration, ticket sales, or donation software to exactly be delightful. However, we make it our mission that our clients always walk away stunned at their pleasant experience with us.

“Always great to work with such pleasant and helpful people!”

We receive these comments from clients daily. They are shocked to experience such enjoyable customer support. So, you might ask, what is our secret?

Putting our customers first goes beyond simply answering their questions and sending them off on their day. Just like over text message, where someone can easily misread a short response, the same happens too easily when offering online support. We know people feel valued when you take the time to give a well-thought out and genuine response. With that knowledge, I make it my goal to make our clients smile.

This is a fun challenge, and it gets my creative juices flowing. With each conversation, I make sure to include a smiley face at the end of a sentence, take a moment to ask about their day, or add a fun GIF. I want to make sure they feel delighted even before I answer their question.

Personal interaction can be fun and can help remind clients that you are a real person by sharing a fun and popular movie quote, or sending your customers funny videos or exchanging selfies!

“Best chat ever. Informative and funny, the perfect combination — like chocolate and peanut butter.”

Some of my favorite interactions with customers are with the ones I can express my personality because it allows them to feel safe to do the same. The best feeling is to go home at the end of the day knowing I have done my part by extending a helping hand along with a smile.

From the start of my career with Webconnex, they dubbed me as their official Laugh Inducer. It has been my privilege to receive that title, but it has also been a good reminder as part of who I am when I need it most. Giving our support team names like Director of Awesome and Support Ninja has been both beneficial to us and our clients.

“I had the pleasure of chatting with Aaron, the Support Ninja. He was awesome. Perfect customer service. And he really is a ninja….wow!”

Maybe you’re thinking, “But isn’t business about numbers and getting more work done? The more clients, the better; the faster the customer service, the better! … Right?” At Webconnex, we believe that valuing relationship over numbers actually betters the value of not only our business, but also our influence.

We have found it’s the little things that count and go a long way in the eyes of the customer. There can be a healthy balance to getting work done and taking care of the relationship as much as the project. And it also produces good vibes! Smiling releases endorphins to your brain and can affect overall emotional state you are in; it helps reduce stress, just as much as getting a good night’s sleep, leading to a better physical and mental health! So by the end of the day, you just helped your clients mosey their way onto a happier life, one conversation at a time!