On average 1 in 5 ticket buyers add merchandise when purchasing tickets online. That means by simply offering this option on your page, you can increase your revenue with very little effort. If you aren't already sold on adding merchandise to your page here's why you should be.

First, let’s pause and talk numbers for a quick moment.Now, if you were to put on a 100 person event about 20% of those people are adding merchandise to their online order. If the merchandise you were selling is $10 each, then you just grossed $200 extra! And this is before the event has even started!Merchandise can be sold on-site as well, which definitely has its own benefits. The emotional high of being at the event, attendees are naturally in the mood for purchasing souvenirs to enhance and remember their experience. However, the problem with relying on-site merchandise sales alone, is you start competing with other costs like food, drinks, and vendor merchandise. When selling items online, you have a focused purchaser ready to buy and adding merchandise for $10 to their purchase doesn't seem like a big deal.

Offering a few merchandise items takes little time on your part and the return on your investment is unquestionable.When selling merchandise online, you not only receive additional income but you receive data. You can see what your attendees like and don’t like. You can get your merchandise numbers ahead of time to keep you from wasting products that may never get sold.

To get started on adding merchandise to your form. Click here to review our help article about it.

Here are some pro tips when adding merchandise to your page:

  1. Use high resolution photos of your products.
  2. Give more than one option but not too many options.
  3. Offer incentives or discounts when tickets and merchandise are purchased together.
  4. Be clear about how they will receive their merchandise.

Adding merchandise to your page will probably be one of the easiest fruits you’ve ever picked. If you currently have merchandise on your page, comment below with  tips you have for increasing your online sales.