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We dare you to run the numbers to see how much money you will keep when switching from Eventbrite.

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*Eventbrite pricing comparison based on Eventbrite's published pricing as of September 2019. Please visit Eventbrite's pricing page or contact Eventbrite for their complete pricing information. Pricing is subject to change without notice.

Eventbrite pricing is 3.5% + $1.59 per paid ticket (with no limit or maximum fee) plus 2.5% merchant processing for the Eventbrite Professional package. Eventbrite fees are non-refundable even when you cancel and refund a ticket.

Eventbrite's entry level Essential package is 2% + $0.79 per paid ticket (with no limit or maximum fee) plus 2.5% merchant processing.

TicketSpice's offering is most comparable to Eventbrite's Professional package. TicketSpice's pricing is $0.99 per paid ticket. TicketSpice offers premium services at additional cost similar to Eventbrite. Please visit our pricing page for complete pricing details.

A Few Features On TicketSpice that you may not find on Eventbrite

We compiled a small list of features that are available to all TicketSpice customers that you may not find on Eventbrite.

  • Control All Branding At Top Of Page
  • Set, Markup, and Keep Any Convenience Fee
  • Text Message Ticket Delivery
  • Re-Entry Scanning with Photo Verification
  • Add / Remove Ticket to Existing Order
  • Dynamically Alter Pricing For Social Shares
  • Allocate Tax Exempt Value For Tickets
  • Daily Payouts
  • SAML 2.0
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • 508 Compliant
  • Top Level Domain Masking

Take a closer look at Eventbrite's fine print

There are a few things you might want to be aware of in the terms of service and privacy policy.

Data Sharing With Affiliates

They have permission to use your attendees’ data for their internal business purposes and to share with their parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates.

Solicitation of Attendees

Eventbrite’s terms of service include giving them permission to send offers and solicitations to your customers for other events.

Buyers Tracked For Advertising

Eventbrite has permission to track attendees based on behaviors and display ads for other events later.

Delayed Funding

Eventbrite generally waits until 4-5 days after your event to send you your funds. Eventbrite also reserves the right to withhold a percentage of your funds in its discretion.

TicketSpice gives you a Superior Ticketing Experience

TicketSpice gives you total control over the Ticketing experience, branding and options. With TicketSpice, your pages are custom branded to your organization without any distractions.


Your Customers Will Love That You Use TicketSpice

There is a reason why TicketSpice has ridiculously high conversion rates.

 Fast Ticketing with Zero Distractions

Fast Ticketing with Zero Distractions

Other providers bombard your Tickets with distracting promotions, cluttering banner ads, and endless steps. TicketSpice helps you have the fastest Ticketings possible without the shenanigans.

No Passwords Required

No Passwords Required

Who needs another password in their life? 90% of your customers would rather pay without creating an account. That’s why we never make your customers jump through hoops before paying you.

Mobile Centric

Mobile Centric

Few people know that mobile internet usage has taken over desktop internet usage. You can expect over 50% of your attendees to register and pay with their phone. Every single feature and technology has been made to perform perfectly and appear beautifully on every mobile device.

Latest and Greatest Technology

Latest and Greatest Technology

You are getting technology that leads the pack when it comes to performance, aesthetics, and scalability. That’s why you will get the highest conversion rates and the smallest abandonment rates with TicketSpice. We also have an API and loads of 3rd party integrations for you to manage your event like you want.

TicketSpice offers a different ticketing experience

The ticketing experience between TicketSpice and Eventbrite are vastly different. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Here’s How A Typical Event Page Is Structured on Eventbrite

If you browse Eventbrite's events, their page template looks similar to the example on the left. Looks pretty typical for the industry, right? TicketSpice structures your ticketing page in a completely different way. Here's why the conventional ticketing template may be less than ideal for your event needs. Keep scrolling.

Here a few things to notice about this kind of structure

Eventbrite Logo On Top Of Your Page

The first logo on your ticketing page is not yours, it’s theirs.

When you host your event with Eventbrite, their logo adorns the top of your ticketing page. It's on the top of nearly every ticketing page and not likely to be removed. For those who want to have their own logo be the first logo present on their ticketing page, there is a better alternative.


If branding is important to you, you’ll love TicketSpice.

We’re not in competition with your Brand. When you host your event using TicketSpice, your branding and logo reigns supreme. Your logos, branding and colors are always top priority on your ticketing page, confirmation and emails.

Eventbrite Main Navigation

Alongside their logo, the top of your ticketing page contains their own main navigation. A typical Eventbrite ticketing page has over a dozen external links not related to your specific event.


If you want fewer external links, you’ll love TicketSpice.

We believe the fewer unrelated links on your page, the better. We believe your buyers should have the fewest options to click away from buying a ticket as possible.

Unrelated Event Links On Your Page

Your ticketing on Eventbrite can contain links to other events at the bottom of your page. Here’s how they sometimes look.


If you want zero links to other events on your page, you’ll love TicketSpice.

TicketSpice never has a single link or advertisement for any other event on your page. Ever.

Higher the ticket price, the higher the ticketing fee.

$1.59 + 3.5%, with no limit on their maximum fee per ticket. That means you're losing thousands of dollars to their high fees.


Eventbrite charges a ticketing fee of 3.5% + $1.79 per ticket with no maximum fee per ticket or registrationYou may choose who pays the fee (you or your attendees), but Eventbrite charges and receives the fee.

If you want to set and keep all ticketing fees, you’ll love TicketSpice.

TicketSpice ticketing fees are a flat 99 cents per ticket that are charged directly to you, not your buyers. If you want to add a ticketing fee to your page, you can set it to whatever you want and them keep 100% of it.

Need We Say More?

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