Set, Markup and Keep 100% of the Ticketing Fee

Decide if you want to charge a ticketing fee, and if you do, you keep 100% of it.

You Decide

You Decide

You decide whether or not you want to include a ticketing fee on your page.

You Set It

You Set It

Calculate the ticketing fee to be whatever you want. Charge a flat fee, a percentage or both. You set it.

You Keep It

You Keep It

When you decide to charge a convenience fee, you set it and then you keep 100% of it. None of it goes to us.

The Ticketing Fee Belongs To You, Not Us

The ticketing fee is normally set and kept by your ticketing software company. They either require you to absorb it or pass it on to your buyers. Not with TicketSpice. We empower you to make more and keep more by utilizing the ticketing fee to increase your revenue and recoup your event costs above the ticket price.

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