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Increase Average Ticket Orders with Merchandise and Upsells

Our research has shown that upwards of 20% of ticket buyers will add additional upgrades and merchdise to their ticketing order. This leads to a massive increase in average ticketing order and net revenue. Whether it is a T-shirt, book, perk or some other amenity, you'll be shocked at how much more you'll make when adding upgrades to your ticketing page.

Simple setup, powerful sales boost

With TicketSpice, you'll get a fully functional merchandise sales machine built right into your ticketing page with only a few click. Effortlessly sell complicated products containing sizes variants and colorways. Limit inventory of products as well as discount products for large ticket orders. All this and more is yours.

More Power, More Sales, No Added Fees

Product images and descriptions

Upload unique photos, titles, and descriptions for each product.

Inventory control

Built-in inventory controls that let you set limits to how many of each item can be sold.

Brilliant reporting and exports

Real-time reports and analytics for exactly how many products you have sold.

No additional fee

Some providers charge up to 15% in additional fees for merchandise. With TicketSpice, it’s included!