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Reserved Seating For Venues

Build the seating chart of your dreams for your venue in just a few minutes. From small performance halls to stadiums, the TicketSpice reserved seating system lets you create robust layouts and diverse price tiers with ease. Not to mention saving you a fortune.

Easy online seating chart creator

Create your own seating chart in minutes using our simple web interface. From simple venues to complex ones, our reserved seating chart creator will recreate your venue to near perfection. Mix reserved seating with open general admission areas with ease; add VIP tables and build in social distancing pods -- the sky is the limit.

Seat View Images

Take the guess work out of the ticket buying experience for what the seat view will be like from a section. The reserved seating layout builder lets you upload seat view images from any section so that ticket buyers can know what to expect.

Stunning mobile purchasing experience

From finding the best available seats to hand selecting seats in a particular section, the mobile purchasing experience of TicketSpice's reserved seating system is a cut above.


Bring back your event with social distancing layouts! Selling tickets while honor social distancing guidelines can be a challenge. But TicketSpice makes it simple and easy with our social distancing ticket layout builder featuring PODS.

PODS are groups of tickets designed to be purchased by members of the same household or party. Configure your limit of people per POD and then organize your layout. Set pricing rules for PODS and sections and then you're set!

Buyers can view your venue and then select a POD and reserve it and are issued tickets belonging to the POD. It couldn't be easier.

With all the features you need and more

TicketSpice's reserved seating ticket selling system was built with you in mind to give you the features you need at a price you won't believe.

Seating Chart Creator

In just minutes, create your own seating chart with no technical knowledge required.

Best Seat + Best Price Algorithm

Using a sophisticated algorithm, buyers can obtain the very best seat at their preferred price without any guess work.

Price Tier Management

Create your various price tiers and assign them to sections, rows and even specific seats.

Selling Order Management

Set up dynamic rules for pricing based on how many slots are remaining or have been sold.

Holds and Seat Codes

Holds are a breeze using our seat codes. Create, manage and release holds effortlessly.

Multiple Price Points Per Seat

Set multiple price points per seat in order to offer special pricing for students, seniors and the military.

Boca Printer Support

Plugin your compatible Boca Printer and print hard stock tickets instantly.

Text Message Ticket Delivery

Ticket buyers can elect to send their tickets to their phone via text message and even send tickets to their friends via text message.

Bulletproof Ticket Scaning

Using our wildly popular and powerful ticket scanning app for iOS, scan and check in attendees in no time.

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