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Sell tickets during COVID with card on file pre-reservations

Resume your event now and nearly the eliminate the risk of mass refunds and mass cancelations.

Sell tickets 100% risk-free for your event during COVID-19

TicketSpice is the only ticketing company that empowers you to promote and sell tickets to your future event risk-free during COVID-19. Resume your event now with TicketSpice’s proprietary pre-reservation feature that eliminates any risk for mass canceling and refunding tickets should COVID shut you down.

The Problem

The pandemic has paralyzed both promoters and attendees

Every event organizer is stuck wondering how to resume their event during the pandemic. Last minute government restrictions have the power to shut down your event completely or severely limit attendance. How are event organizers supposed to promote their event not knowing the restrictions and guidelines may be in a few months? Why would attendees pay money for an event that may just get canceled or postponed again?


Sell tickets with card on file pre-orders

TicketSpice de-risks both the organizer and the attendees by allowing reservations to be taken with a card on file instead of collecting full payment. The event organizer can then mass charge the cards on file and issue the tickets at any time when it is clear the event can proceed — or proceed with limited capactiy. This feature allows event organizers to promote their future event without fear of mass canceling or refunding ticket buyers Attendees can buy tickets without concern that the event could be canceled or delayed.

How it works

Setting up a ticketing page to receive pre-orders with a card on file is simple and easy. Just configure the billing settings to enable pre-reservation (instead of a standard credit card charge). Attendees then can complete their reservation as normal by putting a card on file. On confirmation, the attendees are issued temporary tickets and are instructed they will be charged at a later date.

When the event nears, the organizer can mass change all the reservations which converts the temporary tickets into valid tickets. You as the organizer have the choice of mass charging all orders or just some of them. Watch the step by step demo below.

Watch the demo

Watch the brief demo below for how you can enable pre-reservations on your ticketing page with just a few clicks. This demo shows the purchasing experience of the buyer and also the management of mass charging cards later.


Because we are committed to helping events like yours resume as quickly and efficiently as possible, TicketSpice offers the pre-ordering with card on file absolutely free to you. When you mass charge your pre-orders, you simply pay our standard 99 cents per ticket for however many tickets you convert. If you do not host your event you pay nothing.

Other features to help resume events during the pandemic

  • Timed entry ticketing. Sell tickets for timeslots

  • Ticketing with built in COVID-Waivers with photo IDs

  • Virtual Events with TicketSpice

  • TicketSpice Live video streaming solution for meetings

  • Text for Tickets – Contactless ticket reservations

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