Drive Record Sales With Email Drip Campaigns

Expert digital marketers use email drip campaigns as one of their primary sales strategies. With TicketSpice, you can create high converting email drip campaigns to sell tickets and set new records.

What are drip email campaigns? Drip campaigns are a collection pre-written emails that automatically get sent to a targeted list. When a someone on the list buys a ticket to your event, they get removed from any emails remaining in the sequence.  

Become a digital marketing guru and set record ticket sales by using TicketSpice's drip email campaigns.

Create High Converting Email Campaigns to Drive Ticket Sales

Email drip campaigns for events are incredibly powerful to sell tickets online for your event. Use email drip campaigns to launch a pre-season sale to past attendees, announce a week long promotion, run a special promotion with a last minute deal, and so much more.

create custom email drip campaigns for events

Create and Launch Email Sequences With Ease

Your pre-written emails will progressively get sent out to your list based on dates you select. Even better, TicketSpice will automatically remove people who reserve tickets, enabling you to increase your offer and urgency through the sequence of emails.

Create drip campaigns from imported list or target past attendees

Send to Past Attendees or an Imported List

When building your email drip campaing for your event, TicketSpice lets you target any past attendees from any number of your previous events with a few clicks. Or if you have an existing email database from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Quickbooks, simply export that list and then paste in the recipients into your targeted send list inside TicketSpice. They'll be automatically added to the drip campaign and tracked.

Create custom delays between event email drip campaigns

Perfectly Timed Delivery

The secret to highly effective drip email campaigns is in the delay and exact timing of each email. Set up each email then set a delay between each one and set a customized delivery time in a local time zone. Make changes to any email that is remaining in your sequence to make changes to the offer, timing, or content.

Preschedule email drip campaigns to be set out over several days or weeks

Set it and Forget it

After you've written your sequence of emails, simply set it and forget it. TicketSpice will automatically schedule and send your emails at the time and interval you set. And before each email, we'll double check to see if any recipient has already bought tickets and remove them from the remaining sequence.

Performance Insights and Analytics

TicketSpice's email drip campaigns are the leading email drip system for events because TicketSpice natively tracks all your event ticket sales and revenue automatically. No 3rd party integrations, no external tools. No other drip email system gives you this kind of insight into your event revenue like TicketSpice.

In addition to tracking overall performance of your drip email campaign with clicks, tickets, and sales, TicketSpice also gives you visibility into each individual email and how well it converted so you can test your content, subject lines, delays, and timing. Click here to watch a demo.

Sales tracking for drip email campaigns

Drip Campaigns is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing platform today.

Create up to 5 emails in a sequence

Use up to 5 unique and separate emails to convert your list and move them to reserve tickets.

Include offers and promotions

Include special links, coupon codes, and promotional in your emails to help your list take action.

Automatic removal of buyers

When an email address in your list is linked to an order, that emails is removed from additional emails.

Detailed sales tracking

Get reports on clicks, tickets sold and revenue earned for each email in your sequence.

Target past attendees or an imported list

Past in a list from other software you use or target your past attendees with ease.

Prewritten and prescheduled

Send the right message and the exact right time. Set it and forget it!

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