Sell Tickets by Check, Cash, Wire, and More

When attendees want options beyond credit card payments, TicketSpice enables you to sell tickets by mailed check, wire transfer, cash, and more.

sell tickets online and accept cash or check for payment

Simply add offline payment methods

To sell event tickets outside of standard credit card payments, just enable offline payment methods on your ticketing page. You can then specify custom instructions for the payment like how to mail checks, reference numbers for purchase orders, bank routing information, or even Venmo handles.

However you want to receive payments for your event, TicketSpice makes it easy

accept checks and cash for selling tickets online
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A seamless ticketing experience for attendees

Even with an alternative form of payment, the event ticketing experience will be as smooth as usual. With clear custom instructions and easy ticket purchasing, they'll be guided through the process same as usual, including the confirmation email.

Easy receiving and updating 

Receiving payment for your event via cash, mailed check, or purchase order is simple. When logged into your TicketSpice account, search the appropriate attendee, mark their payment complete, and include any notes associated with the ticket purchase.

accept checks and cash for event ticketing software
accept cash and check payments event ticketing software

Track outstanding payments

Track all attendees who have purchased tickets but have not completed payment yet within TicketSpice. Manage status across multiple events and apply filters.

Offline payments is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing software on the market today.

Easy Setup

Toggle offline payments on and provide the necessary details for custom payments.

Accept Mailed Checks

Offer simple instructions for mailing checks on your ticketing page and log them once they arrive.

Accept Custom Payment Methods

Cash, wire transfer, venmo, and more are possible with custom offline payment instructions.

Customized Payment Instructions

Provide custom details for how attendees are to remit payment for their event.

Seamless Registration Experience

Smooth and easy ticketing experience without any confusion or friction.

Simple Tracking and Reporting

View reports and exports for which attendees have paid and which ones have not.

Join a TicketSpice Demo

Seeing is believing. Attend an on-demand demo and check out all RegFox can do. You’ll learn to use the event page builder, manage attendees, run reports, and more.

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