Tap into some extra money with a VIP package for your event. Organizing an event can be extremely costly in both time and money, but you can be strategic with your admission options to create an event that is a money making machine.

Creating a VIP option will help boost your bottom line and provide a next-level experience for your attendees. Here are 3 ways to use the VIP option to improve your event.

1.  VIP Admission

When offering VIP admission the goal is to offer exclusivity while costing you next to nothing. If you’ve never offered a VIP option before this is a great place to start. Simply provide VIP with the best seats in the house, allow them early entry, or even an exclusive check in line. All of these options take what you already have working for you but allow you to increase the price of a ticket. As a bonus, you will speed up the admission line and make an individual feel like they are a part of the elite.

2.  VIP Swag

To the millennials out there, swag isn’t just a word to describe an attitude or style. But swag is also a way to use items to increase an attendees experience. The swag that you can include within your VIP option can be items sponsors provide or merchandise you throw in with an increased entry price. Not only will partnering with other brands and companies to offer your attendees some unique items increase you revenue but it will leave your VIP attendees with a feeling of exclusivity. Consider these items when offering a VIP swag bag.

  • Apparel: socks, t-shirts, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, tote bags, backpacks, or keychains.
  • Drinkware: beer glasses, water bottles, traveler mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses, tumblers, or coffee mugs.
  • Office and Tech Items: usb drives, selfie sticks, pens, laneyards, headphones, chargers, or magnets.
  • Food and Beverages: bottle service, alcohol, free food or discounted food items from vendors or host, front of the line privileges.

**Here's what a VIP ticket option could look like in our software.

3. VIP Experience

Now, to the real prestige and attraction to the VIP option, a VIP experience. Experience based perks don’t have to cost you much at all! Find ways to expedite waiting, provide comfort, and ultimately memorable experience. You can be creative and have fun when crafting special experiences for your VIPs. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • VIP Entry: For faster check-in designate a separate line for VIP’s only. Even rope off a section or spruce up the area to visibly show a difference from general admission.
  • Discounted Parking: If you have paid parking, offer a discounted parking pass to make coming to your event even easier. You could even reserve specific parking spaces for VIP’s.
  • Social and Other Special Areas: Designate a lounge, room or area for your VIP’s to relax and mingle. Offer special VIP bathrooms to alleviate them from long general admission lines.
  • Exclusive Photos: Set-up a fun photo booth, backdrop, or section so that your attendees can capture fun memories and post about their experience.
  • Backstage Tour or Meet & Greet: Include a backstage pass or tour of the venue. If you can set something up with your guest artists or speakers, provide a special Meet and Greet time for your VIP’s! Your VIP’s can snag autographs, signatures and bragging rights to their friends!
  • Reception: Throw in a special event or dinner specifically for your VIPs before or after your event.

VIP options will help you make and keep more of your money while you are investing your time. They will also provide your attendees with an exclusive experience that will have them coming back for more!