Having been a customer support Happiness Advocate for our Webconnex team for almost 4 years now, I have become sensitive and consciously aware of my customer support experiences with other companies. I am far less hesitant to pick up the phone and call a company when I run into a hiccup or question. I am able to understand the representative and be more patient because I too have been on the other end of the phone before. I cannot lie though, most of the time when I call in, I wind up more frustrated than before I picked up the phone. However, occasionally I run into a customer support experience that feels like a breath of fresh air and reminds me of my Webconnex home.

This was exactly what I experienced when I picked up the phone ready to cancel a subscription service with The Honest Company. Again, let me mention, I called in to cancel the service. Typically when calling into a company to cancel a service you can expect the representative to haggle (if not harass) you into staying with the company. This was not the case with The Honest Company but by the end of the conversation I not only kept the service but added another one!

I know what you’re thinking… “Silly girl, you got reeled in!” Maybe I did, but let me tell you, I do not regret it because I have kept my services with them for 2 years now and do not plan on canceling anytime soon.

Here is what made the customer support experience unique and why they kept my business.

  • The attitude of the representative. The representative was incredibly upbeat and positive; because of his attitude, I felt comfortable and as though I lost all sense of time. I was ready to just stay on the phone and shoot the breeze with my new friend. There was a sense of ease to the conversation an immediate trust built, all due to his approach in handling a client who was wanting to cancel.
  • The language used. The language this representative used was consistent with the branding of The Honest Company. This company in particular is designed to provide subscription services to families for all of their diapering, cleaning and personal care needs that are safe for you and the planet. The language used in any other context would have been completely cheesy however when he was referring to the fish oil vitamins as coming from “wild fishies” instead of “farmed fishies” I found myself amused and right at home. This representative dealt with parents who use this type of language every day with their little ones; therefore the representative understood the demographic and kept the conversation consistent with the company branding.
  • The facts. I was well informed by the representative. I truly had every intention of canceling and not backing down when I called in; however without being pushy the representative reminded me of the benefits of the subscription I was canceling. He also reignited my passion for the purpose of these products. Not only did he just want to keep my business but he believed in the greater good for me, my family and our planet.
  • The freedom. I was given the option to leave without judgement or frustration. The representative never made me feel guilty for wanting to cancel. Yes, as mentioned above, he reminded me of the greatness of the product but I never felt backed into a corner. Being given options by the representative gave me a sense of freedom and control to make a decision for myself.
  • The product. The products have worked and lived up to what was promised in the conversation. This company had the goods to back up the talk. It is important that the product also have the same quality as the service provided by the representative. Otherwise at the end of the day I would have felt gypped.

Next time you are on the phone with a customer or client consider these things. Check yourself on an upbeat attitude, language that is consistent with your branding, the facts and freedom you give to the customer as well as the fulfillment of your product/service.