We often get asked about our company culture and who we are, but most importantly how it all works here at Webconnex. And while there is no cookie cutter answer, we love pulling back the curtain from time to time and shedding some light on what we’ve found that works well with our team in hopes that it might inspire some creative ways for you to develop your own company culture.

This week we’re sharing some great tips from our remote workers on how they set themselves up for success functioning on a team while not being physically being present in the office. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Have A Designated Workspace

Dave our Support Sage from Oregon:

The most challenging aspect I found with working remotely is finding a space to be able to focus and limit your distractions. Finding and designating a space that will be for your work allows for the proper mental preparation and freedom in that space to do your best work.

Working from home can be especially distracting among the many different life facets you may have going on: household projects, chores that need to be done, family being around, etc. These in and of themselves are not bad things and can actually assist you in being able to get up and take a quick break and do something non-work related. The goal is to not allow them to distract you from doing your best work.

You want to find a space and long term solution that will allow for a predictable and consistent work experience. When you get into the space, you are inspired to do your work and do it well.

Do not fall into the traps of thinking because a work space solution has worked for someone else that it will work for you. Know yourself and what you personally need to do your best work and find a long term solution that works best for your personal needs.

2. To Do Lists

Helen our Front End Developer from California:

I like to go into each day with a plan for how I will manage your time, or even more importantly my energy. I like making lists to keep myself accountable and motivated, but I also make sure I’m taking care of my needs.

3. Stay Connected to Culture

Helen additionally shared:

I always say just because you work remote doesn’t mean I’m not a part of a team. It may be easy to feel detached, but I fight the urge to be isolated, it’s so important to stay connected to my team and the vision for the work we do. My advice is to get in on Slack conversations that are more based around the team. Step out and introduce yourself to other team members. When banter is going on, get amongst it. Have fun!

4. Embrace Routine

Ryan our Director of Awesome User Experiences Texas:

Working remotely gives me some control over my day, but I still have to get work done. The secret sauce to being both productive and creative is having a set list of things that are the same, every day, to help me focus more of my attention on my work. For instance, every day I have the same thing for lunch, start at the same time, start my work by clearing out email and Slack messages, and I listen to podcasts while I work. Routine can be an invaluable asset in your productivity day to day.

5. Mix It Up

Ryan additionally shared:

On the other hand, changing certain aspects of each day keeps my mind moving and my work fresh. Every day I work somewhere different alternating between a local co-working space, coffee shops and my home office. I also start each project with a different approach. Sometimes I begin by sketching on paper, others by diving into design software, while others I’ll begin with research or asking questions. Inspiration can come from different places too, whether that’s an idea from a friend or a recent movie with some amazing visuals. In the end, I have found that keeping the boring parts of my day consistent and the interesting parts of my day ever changing puts me in a good rhythm to get my work done and get it done on time.

Bonus Tips

Our team is unique as we have almost half of our team working remote 100% of the time while the other half works from our headquarters in Downtown Sacramento but we also have a small percentage that does a few days in the office and a few days out of the office. We have found that having this mix can only be successful if we communicate, communicate, and communicate more.

The biggest fear for a company is to allow their team to work remotely, whether it may be full time, part time or occasionally, is not being able to see the work they are doing on a daily basis. This is birthed out of a fear of not knowing whether the remote employee is being productive, which in turn leads to wondering whether they are wasting funds and resources.

The most crucial way to combat these fears of the unknown is to over communicate. The fact that a remote worker was hired in the first place indicates a level of trust that the employer has in the said remote employee. Being overly communicative is the best way to continue in this trust.

Don’t hesitate to let everyone know when you are on a break, making a quick coffee, working on a specific project, etc. Communication paired with results is the best way to ensure that everyone knows you are putting in 100%.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to successfully work remote! What things have and have not worked for you and your team? Message in and drop you knowledge on us.