Real-Time Insights Into Your Event Ticketing

TicketSpice is the leader in native reports and analytics for your ticketed event. See everything important to you in gorgeous graphs and charts.


Dashboards & Analytics Galore

Get unparalleled access to actionable insights for your event. Every piece of data you want is charted, tracked and reported.


Two live demos every week with Q&A

Unreal Performance Tracking

Forget tracking analytics through complex third parties. We show all the data you care about in one instant screen within seconds.

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Mobile Usage
  • Min, Max, Average Transaction Time
  • Traffic Sources
  • Average Order Size

Memorized Reports and Instant Exports

TicketSpice is loaded with useful exports and reports that you can run on demand or customize and memorize. Better yet, schedule them to be run on a regular basis and emailed to your team.


We Thought Of Everything.

Every useful report and export is just seconds away.

  • Ticket Order List
  • Coupon Usage
  • Transaction List
  • Bank Reconciliation Report
  • Product and Merchandise Orders
  • Order Data
  • Lots More

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