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Switching from Eventbrite? You'll save thousands.

Successfully resume your event

TicketSpice has exclusive features to help you resume your event during COVID-19. From card on file reservations, timed entry ticketing, contactless ordering, to social distancing seating layouts, you'll get back to hosting great events faster than ever while saving thousands.

Features for Resuming Events

Right now TicketSpice is helping over 50,000+ organizations process $1,400,000,000.00

Save thousands with TicketSpice.

The average event organizer saves $16,000 on their event when switching to TicketSpice. Don't take our word for it, run the calculations yourself to see how much you'll save.

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Total Savings

$0 / year

or $0 every 5 years

Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents per attendee + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.
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putting you first

A ticketing system that's all about you

If you’re frustrated by expensive ticketing systems that put their logo on top your ticketing page, you’ll love how TicketSpice empowers you to control the entire ticketing experience. We're here to help you succeed from start to finish. You get a customized ticketing page and experience that matches your brand.
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Sell tickets risk-free with card on file reservations

Resume your event now with TicketSpice’s proprietary pre-reservation feature that eliminates any risk for mass canceling and refunding tickets should COVID shut you down. Ticket buyers can reserve temporary tickets with a card on file, then you can mass charge their cards when you finalized your allowed capacity.
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Features for covid-19

Timed-entry ticketing for restricted capacity

Are you trying to issue tickets but limit capacity for a time slot? TicketSpice's timed entry ticketing feature lets you sell tickets for a timeslot. Set capacity restrictions per hour or day with ease.
  • Daily or Weekly Events with Restricted Capacity

  • Limit capacity across all ticket levels for a time period

  • Change capacity for certain days and add black out days

  • Flawless ticket scanning and verification

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Host virtual events without breaking the bank

Have sticker shock with how expensive some virtual event platforms are? TicketSpice will save you thousands of dollars on your virtual event. Over 1M people have attended virtual events. Plan your virtual event that your attendees will love without spending an arm and a leg.
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Social distancing ticketing pages

Do you have a venue that you need to configure for social distancing using pods? TicketSpice's reserved seating pod layouts lets people from the household to reserve tickets for a select area that is appropriately distanced from other pods.

Hear what our customers are saying about TicketSpice

"Effortless sales and check-in!"

Water Latern Festival Reno

"We sold out faster than ever"

Bayside Church

Winner of people's choice best event software

TicketSpice has been recognized as one of the best event management and online ticketing software providers.

Customers give TicketSpice five stars

Customers have given TicketSpice an average of 5 stars, the highest ranking on Capterra.

Easy to use, yet amazingly powerful

Every feature is designed to save you time while making you more money.

Virtual events

Sell tickets for livestream events hosted on TicketSpice or other major streaming platforms.
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Ticketing page builder

Start by using our easy event page builder to create the ticketing page of your dreams.
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Card on file pre-reservation

Your TicketSpice data is integrated and synced with your favorite tools in minutes.
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Branding control

Stunning ticketing pages that match your website and brand.
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Sell merchandise

Increase revenue by seamlessly including product and merchandise during ticket order process.
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Reserved seating

Create an online seating chart for your event in minutes.
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Recurring & timed-entry ticketing

Sell tickets for recurring events, daily events or timd-entry events.
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Conditional logic

Create workflows, require custom questions, and set dynamic pricing in seconds.
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Ticket scanning

Beautifully intuitive for any volunteer yet powerful enough to handle any kind of event.
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Social media tools

Deep integrations with Facebook like tag your friends, prompt to share and many more.
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Real time analytics

Real time visibility into your event's performance, conversion rates and lead sources.
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Mobile ticketing

Easy and convenient ticketing for both you and your customers on mobile.
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Integrated tools

Your TicketSpice data is integrated and synced with your favorite tools in minutes.
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Box office app

Sell tickets via credit card or cash on site with ease using the Box Office app. Track card and cash sales and issue tickets instantly.
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What sets TicketSpice apart from the rest

Instant Funding

Any event promoter knows cash flow management is key to running a successful event. With TicketSpice you get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts.

Industry Low Cost Leader

We're the online ticketing provider who puts you first. Our customers save $16,000 on average when switching from Eventbrite.

Set and Keep Ticketing Fees

Other providers add their fee to your ticketing page. We let you set and keep 100% of whatever ticketing fees you want. We just charge you a flat 99 cents per ticket and you keep the rest.

We Protect Your Data and Privacy

We never have and never will sell data we collect from you or your attendees. Your privacy is one of our top priorities.

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A true event ticketing partner

TicketSpice is not your ordinary event management software company. We're a ticketing partner that is in your corner. We are a small, yet powerful team that goes above and beyond your expectations. You'll work with a world class team of event professionals and can even speak to our co-founders on one of our live demos.

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