4X Your Attendee Engagement with TicketSpice Text Messaging

If you're not utilizing text messaging, you’re leaving big opportunities, and even bigger sums of money, on the table. To help you boost your communication and cash flow, we’ve built a robust text messaging platform right in your TicketSpice account.

Texting > Email

The results are in—text messaging is the most powerful communication medium today. Text messages boast an impressive 98% open rate. Do you know anyone who opens 98% of their emails? Nope, we don’t either; that’s because the open rate of emails trails behind at only 20%.

Get Your Own Dedicated Number

When you use the TicketSpice text messaging platform, we provide you with your own 10-digit number, dedicated to your brand. To reassure cell carriers that you’re not sending out spam or “expired auto warranty” texts when you message the masses, you’ll need to complete a one-time brand verification with the carriers. Don't worry, though, it only takes $49 and a few minutes!

Once you follow the step-by-step video, your very own dedicated phone number is ready for sending.

Simple Text Plan Options

Since your event is too unique for a one size fits all plan, we created two different messaging plans for you to choose from. If you text attendees on a seasonal or occasional basis, our Basic plan ($19/month + 4¢/message) will offer plenty to cover your communication needs.

On the other hand, if you have a larger event that involves texting attendees year-round, the Super Sender plan ($99/month + 2¢/message) will be your go-to. Not sure which plan is best? No problem. There are no contracts, so the commitment is light. You can upgrade, downgrade, or quit at any time.

Send Mass Texts…To the Right People

Sending a mass text to past attendees is a great way to supercharge your ticket sales in minutes. That said, you don’t have to blast everyone with every message. Whether you want to send an exclusive message to the VIPs, or a quick update to the general admissions crew, you can leverage your communication by filtering for the right recipients.

Setup Keywords for Auto-Replies

In the lead-up to an event, many of your attendees will be searching for the same type of information. Kick your communication up a notch by setting up auto-replies for specific keywords. This acts as a shortcut for both you and your attendees!

When attendees text in a particular keyword—such as directions, tickets, or event hours—the response text will provide them with the right information and links.

Schedule Your Send

When sending out hundreds of text messages at a time, it can be hard to keep track of them. With TicketSpice, however, you can track the timing and delivery of past and future messages. Save yourself the headache of laboring over messages the night before your event, and use our platform to schedule the messages in advance.

Ready to engage your event attendees like never before? Dive into your account today and start texting! If you have more questions, be sure to check out our help center guide. It’s loaded with answers to common questions about texting.

Text messaging is just one reason why TicketSpice is the best event ticketing platform today.

Increase cash flow

Higher open rates mean higher conversion rates.

Pick the plan

Choose from Options: Pick the plan that's best for your event, and cancel anytime.

Get your own number

Our text messaging platform comes with your own dedicated number

Setup keywords for auto reply

Keep communication efficient for you and your attendees

Send mass texts

Filter to the right people and get the word out fast.

Schedule your send

Dial in the timing and save yourself the headache on event week.

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