“Hello this is Maci”, I said as I answered the phone.“Maci?!…. Oh Maci! You’re a real person! Not just another recording!”, the pleasantly surprised client responded.I couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Yes, that’s right, you’re talking to a real person!” The surprising intro to our conversation, led us into our support phone call with an extra pep in our step; and later I found myself contemplating, why this customer was so surprised I was a real person and…

At what point was customer support no longer REAL?

Here at Webconnex our clients are delighted to find out that yes, our support is in fact conducted by REAL people; but shouldn’t customer support have always been done by real people? As I’m sure we all can attest, customer support isn’t always offered in the form of REAL people. Unfortunately, the norm today is spending endless minutes, if not hours, pressing through key selection, after key selection, then being transferred from one recording to another, all in an attempt to receive help with questions about a product or service.

I think back to the days when an individual called into a company and they were simply greeted by an assistant or operator who would connect you to the correct department and individual for you to speak with. However, as time has gone on, technology has advanced and the desire for increased efficiency has grown, the system of calling into a company has become less and less personal. So much so, we are now completely accustom to recordings or support by an individual who is reading off of a script with little to no authority to provide you with any real help (more on that another time).

Our customer support at Webconnex is one of the many things setting us distinctly apart from our competition. Our support team is made up of 3 awesome people who provide live phone, messaging and email support for the thousands of our clients. Not only is this a testament to how well our software works but it shows you can still be personal, while also being efficient. We make ourselves readily available to our clients to ensure a pleasant experience with the use of our software. We have instilled practices and exercised our multi-tasking muscles to ensure the support we offer is excellent.

Even more specifically we have hired individuals who are all-around awesome people. On any given day when you call into our support line, we can assure you, the person on the other end of the line is someone you would love to grab a cup of coffee with or sit down over drinks at happy hour to chat about life. Our team of customer support speak organically with clients and are invested in each unique situation and questions. We are given the freedom to make whatever call is necessary on an account. This ultimately allows us flexibility to really work with our clients and have their best interest at heart; instead of having to follow a list of policies and procedures.

The REAL people behind the phone lines, messages and emails are truly our secret to our awesome customer support.

It seems basic enough, “Hire real people”; however too many companies are so concerned with keeping everything so efficient, they have lost the value of personal connection. I encourage you, chat into our team and ask us a few questions about our software and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised with the incredible level of support you receive.