Last week I was on a phone call helping a particular prospect answer a series of questions that were being used to evaluate different vendors (a common practice with large organizations). This particular questionnaire had about 50 or more questions ranging from feature sets to security and everything in between.

I was answering them one by one with a speedy cadence when we come across one question that stopped the entire phone call dead in its tracks.

The question was, “If an upgrade or change has significant impact on our business practices, can we delay the deployment of that change?” I nonchalantly answered “yes” to the question.

The interviewer stopped and said, “I beg your pardon?

I repeated my answer.

He stopped and asked, “How many organizations use your software?

I told him many thousands.

He replied, “And you would consider our organization when making changes??

I enthusiastically answered, “Of course!

To say he was in a state of disbelief was an understatement. He said he had never heard of a SAAS company ever consulting or even considering their customers before making changes.

I simply told him, “We’re not your average company.”

He concluded with “That’s for sure!

It made me think of all the ways in which our little company does things differently than the average company. Here are a few things you won’t find at most companies, yet we do these things every day.

Fast Response to Custom Features

You would be shocked to learn how many of the features and functionalities actually came from customer dreaming with us. Our recent feature of taking a photo of a ticket holder was in direct response to a customer selling season pass tickets. We like to ask customers to identify how things can be done better and how we can exceed what the market currently provides.

Usability Improvements

If you have ever noticed a tiny change in our software, whether it’s the label of an action or perhaps an extra tool tip, it is because a customer spoke up and told us about a way that things could be more clear. If something is not intuitive, we want to know and we want to make it better and chances are you will see us improve it immediately.

Direct Access To The Right People

No matter what your inquiry is, our customers get to speak to whomever they want when they need it. If you want to speak to someone over product, no problem. If you want to speak with one of our co-founders, you got it. No one hides beyond a departmental walls, roles or titles. You always can connect with us.

Delightful Experiences With Support

Our support team deserves a gold medal every single day of the week. Not only do they help customers succeed, they do it in a way that gives them smile and exceeds expectations. We strive for every experience to be a joyful one.

Commitment To Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes you will encounter companies who create rigid policies that get in the way of solving problems the right way. Not here. When something occurs outside the norm, we always ask ourselves how to make it right (and we do).

Above and Beyond

We don’t believe in meeting expectations, we want to exceed expectations. When a customer calls and says they are about to blast 100,000 emails out, we put people on standby to watch over their account.

When an organization is in crisis and needs to sign up and go live as soon as possible, our team springs into action and gets them processing their first dollars in 30 minutes. We always get a rise out of going beyond what is expected or required of us.

These are just some of the ways we count ourselves as a unique company that is breaking the mold. Part of our culture is to beat to a different drum and to be the uncommon solution in a marketplace that mostly offers the same thing with just different logos. While we can’t be all things to all people, we want to be the most outrageously amazing company for the organizations who use us every day.