Trickling questions are like death by a thousand paper-cuts. They suck the time right out of your day.  You can probably think of at least ten ways you’d rather spend your time than re-answering the same frequently asked questions over and over and over again. If you improve your FAQ page it can result in your information actually being consumed. Read on to find a bonus sample FAQ page for you to download and use.

But first, here are some quick tips to create a better FAQ page:

  1. Make the FAQ page convenient. If it is something you wish for your registrants to see and reference, absolutely do not bury it under a “Contact Us” tab or at the bottom of your site. Make it visible and easy to find.
  2. Provide many points of contact with your FAQ content. Don’t just host it on your website. Provide it in confirmation emails, on your Facebook page, maybe even links to it at the bottom of email correspondence.
  3. Disseminate it in micro bites. FAQ pages can notoriously grow lengthy. Knowing this and the fact that the average person’s attention span is less than that of a goldfish, I would recommend sharing the information in segments so it is actually consumed. Send an email just about the Event Start, one just about Packet Pickup, one just about Transportation, and so on. This also helps you to have many touch points with your registrants and help ensure they are well informed.
  4. Provide visuals or videos of your FAQs. Videos and graphics are much more consumable than long pages of text. Pick your most important “need to know” items and turn them into videos or graphics. There are tons of free apps you can use for either.

Here are some sample questions and formatting you are welcome to reference and use on your own FAQ page.  

*Feel free to use the link below to download this as well.

Event Start

  • What is the date of the event?
  • What is the start time of the event?
  • When do gates/doors open?
  • What is the address and  location details of the event entrance?
  • Where should I park?
  • What identification or information do I need to bring?
  • How should I plan on getting to the event? Can I park there? Can I get dropped off? Should I take public transportation or shuttle from my hotel?
  • What can I take in with me?  What are banned items?
  • Can I sign up on-site?

Refunds & Cancellations

Can I get a refund?

Can I transfer my ticket/registration?

What if I can’t attend?


Are there recommended hotels nearby?

What are some good restaurants in the area?

Any recommended local activities?


What does money go towards?

Price increases

In and out policy

If any of these questions sound painfully familiar, please feel welcome to download our sample FAQ page and include any of the questions on your FAQ page in an effort to more quickly provide answers to your registrants’ questions and to gain back hours of your week.

Did you find this helpful? Click here to download a template and fill it in for yourself.