Have you ever considered, the need to now build trust with clients because of the years they received bad experiences with other companies? Here at Webconnex the excitement we receive from customers when they find out we are “real people” when they call in or message in continues to amaze me. To extend my enthusiasm even further, how awesome it is that we now have the power, heart and knowledge to change the status quo where we can offer a more reliable, safe and trustworthy type of support! This one thing is that it’s not always as easy as it sounds.

We can understand the hesitancy some customers might have when dealing with any support person after a not-so-delightful experience in the past. For a team like ours who go above and beyond with exchanging virtual high five’s and expressive gifs, we recognize that it is possible that our clients can rightfully assume that their experience with us will be very similar. Let’s just say we know it’s a little too common for people to expect poor customer support, and we decided we were not about that.

Here at Webconnex, we love challenging our growth by constantly improving our customer relation skills, and we keep in mind that no matter who is on the other line, we will always treat everyone with the same respect. Because our clients mean so much to us as a customer support team, we rely on self evaluation, feedback, and team reflections to provide excellent support for anyone who will allow us to do so.

At one of our recent customer support team meetings, our faithful team leader had us do a exercise asking what our initial response is when we asked by folks what we do here at Webconnex. Some of us threw out answers such as “We do customer support and help people learn about our software”, or “We help make awesome software, and make sure our clients are stoked about it”. Which is correct, yes, we help people learn about our software and strive to make them feel awesome when using it.

However, when our team leader dug a little deeper and asked, “How does providing good support make our clients feel?” Soon the sound of crickets and of our wheels turning filled the room. There wasn’t one person who didn’t end up changing their initial response as we dug a little deeper into our roles as not only being effective but also affective.

The difference is that we strive to be successful in helping our clients, but to also have a long lasting influence on the relationships we’ve built with our customers. As we began to venture what this looks like on a larger scale, some of the responses changed to sound more like, “we give our customers a sense of safety and peace of mind by building the kind of trust they need, knowing they can look to us to be honest and reliable”. This allowed us to see our roles with a bigger perspective in mind, and also see what truly separates us from the other support teams that are out there. Thanks to our Support team leader’s dedication to making our team more valuable, no longer will we be answering the general “we do customer support” question, but instead we will speak from a place of impact that we have with our customers.

Preceded by considerably poor support done in the past years, we can now see customer support services taking a turn towards awesomeness. We believe a new day has come for customer support teams to take our customers satisfaction to a whole new level, by recognizing the trust and safety customers needed in order to be truly taken care of. And who knows, maybe customer support CAN have a good rep after all!