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Ticketing + Livestream Access For Your Concert, Show, or Performance, in Minutes

Charge for access to your livestream and restrict your content.

Perfect for artists, bands, performers, entertainers and more who want to engage their audience and charge for private performances. Create a ticketing page for your virtual performance, set your fees, and specify your livestream source. Fans and followers can buy tickets and participate in your exclusive livestream from their home.

Livestream R and B

Easy Ticketing Page Setup With Payments

Create a ticketing page for your livestream event in minutes using our easy drag and drop builder. Set your ticket levels, pricing, descriptions, coupon codes and any additional information you want to collect. Ticket buyers will gain exclusive access to your livestream, on demand video, or download.

Restrict Access To Your Livestream, Zoom link or Pre-Recorded Video

Livestream your performance or show with Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Zoom, Vimeo, and more. Restrict your digital content to ticket holders only. Even set dates and times for videos to appear and disappear such as show times or scheduled video times. Finally, you can offer exclusive downloadable content and media to ticket holders who purchased access to your virtual event.

Unlike IGTV, you can make your shows and performances available for as long as you like.

Branded Screen

Total Control Over Branding and Experience

Control the entire branding experience of your ticketing page for your virtual events using TicketSpice. Add headers, logos, colors, fonts, graphics, background images and more. Your ticketing page will match your website and brand style.

Everything You Need To Sell Tickets To Your Virtual Performance or Show

Event Ticketing, Payments and Restricted Livestream Access All in One Solution

Total Customization

Total Customization

Control the branding, layout and graphics

Livestream or Pre-Recorded Content

Livestream or Pre-Recorded Content

Simply add your livestream link or embed your player

Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

Only ticket buyers can access your digital content

Incredible Low Pricing of 99 Cents per Ticket. Pay as you Go.

Sell Your Livestreams or Virtual Experiences For Just $0.99 per ticket and 2.99% for credit card processing.


Per Ticket.

Payment processing of 2.99% Flat.

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