5 Features For Resuming Your Event

We know what it feels like to be forced to pivot during the pandemic. We have been hard at work to build features for event organizers to resume their events. Whether your event is going virtual or permitted operate with restrictions, we have got 5 new features to help you resume your event.


Virtual Events & Live Streaming

The Challenge: You need to sell tickets for virtual events and experiences and need to restrict access to only valid ticket holders. You may have multiple live streams and content sources and need to give access to specific ticket selections.

The Solution: Create a TicketSpice page to sell tickets to your virtual event or experience and restrict access to only those who have purchased tickets.

  • Create a new virtual event ticketing page or convert the page you’re already using
  • Build your virtual experience with your favorite video providers such as Vimeo, Youtube, FBLive, Zoom, and more. Set viewing permissions for various ticket levels (optional)
  • Set access to your virtual event at a specific date, or on-demand after purchase.
  • Publish and start collecting sales instantly

Card On File event

Card On File Pre-Registration

The Challenge: Event organizers are unsure if their future events can resume and at what capacity. Attendees are hesitant to outlay money for an event that may not happen.

The Solution: Remove the hesitation with risk free card-on-file pre-registration. Tickets are reserved but not charged until you specify. Charge cards on file individually or mass charge all ticket orders.

  • Create your ticketing page as normal but enable Pre-Registration  
  • We test the credit card to make sure it’s valid.
  • Later, when the event is a “go” you can mass charge all of the pre-registered attendees.
  • Set this for all ticket levels or only for certain tickets (for example, if you want to offer a special discounted ticket for buyers willing to pay in full)


Timeslot Ticketing

The Challenge: Cities are phasing in public gatherings but limiting attendees to smaller capacities. Event organizers have to limit total simultaneous attendees gathering at once.

The Solution: Sell tickets for a specific time spot at your event. Attendees can choose a date and time for which their ticket is valid for.


E-Signature Waivers

The Challenge: Insurance companies are requiring venues and event organizers to obtain waivers for the release of liability for public gatherings.

The Solution: Enable waivers for your tickets using TicketSpice E-Signatures. Ticket buyers won’t be able to access their ticket until they sign an e-waiver releasing you of liability.

  • Enable waivers on any ticket levels
  • Paste in your liability release waiver text
  • Choose if you want to require selfie photo and/or government ID photo
  • After purchase, each ticket holders must complete the e-signature waiver
  • TicketSpice generates a verified waiver with signature, photos, and proof of digital signing.


Text for Tickets - Contactless Ticket Sales

The Challenge: Local regulations as well as attendee concerns may necessitate the need to have a “touchless” entrance. To keep attendees and staff safe, event organizers may be unable to accept cash or even credit cards.

The Solution: Get a dedicated text number for your event! Ticket buyers send a quick text and get the mobile ticketing page delivered to their phone.

  • TicketSpice provides a dedicated text message number.
  • If attendees have not already purchased tickets, they simply text the number
  • The mobile ticketing page is delivered to their phone to purchase tickets
  • Virtual tickets are viewable on mobile for seamless event access

Text TIX to:  916-302-2100 to see how it works. 

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