Why Switch

Why Switch to TicketSpice

Companies using TicketSpice make more and keep more of their money.

TicketSpice is unlike any other ticketing provider you have ever worked with. We bring you state of the art technology at a fraction of the cost of the other guys and give you unprecedented control over the ticketing experience. But above all, we are most proud that promoters who use TicketSpice will make more and keep more of their money than any other provider.

Here’s how

Collect and Keep 100% of Processing Fees

Instantly Add Thousands of Dollars To Your Bottom Line

TicketSpice is the only ticketing company that gives you total control when it comes to the processing fee or convenience fee and keep it all to yourself. Every single fee and price on your ticketing page goes directly to you, not us.

Other ticketing companies pass their fees directly to your buyers, make you absorb it, or allow you to split it with buyers. That’s pretty limited. Since you pay a low flat rate directly to TicketSpice, any and every fee you collect from your ticketholders goes to you, not us.  Regularly we see how organizers are able to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this.



The Lowest Cost In The Industry.

Expect to pay 30-40% less on ticketing than the other guys. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it below.

Drag the sliders below to see how much more you will make when using TicketSpice.

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Total Savings:

$0 / year

or $0 every 5 years

Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents a + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.

The Highest Conversion Rates In The Industry.

Our technology was built with one thing in mind: Provide the smoothest and most effortless ticketing experience on the planet. The result is our customers have higher conversion rates, less abandonments and faster transaction times in the industry. Here is how we are doing it.

Spam, Ad and Solicitation Free

Your customer belong to you, not us.

When your ticket buyers go to buy, the last thing they should see is a banner advertisement taking them away from the ticketing page. They certainly should not be tricked with 3rd party offers, subscriptions or account creations. With TicketSpice, your customers pay in record time without the shenanigans.

Fastest Transaction Times

No other provider is faster in delivering results

Our technology was made to give your ticket buyers the fastest and smoothest purchasing experience possible. TicketSpice pages are proven to be the fastest in the industry with the fewest required steps, fewest clicks, fewest pages. We actually give you real time reports for you to track conversions and transaction times.

Password and Account Free

Seriously, who needs another password?

Every TicketSpice page starts with ticketing options, not a password field. With TicketSpice, any and all account creation for Ticket Buyers occurs after payment. No one wants to be forced in creating accounts and passwords. We let your customers pay and get out quickly and easily.

Perfect on Every Screen

40% of your purchases will come from a phone

You might not know it, but over 40% of your ticket purchases will be completed from a phone. That’s because every TicketSpice page is rendered perfectly on every device and every screen. You will have your mind blown at how beautiful and easy ticket buying from a smart phone is.

Your Branding, Not Ours

TicketSpice is designed to help your customers connect with you, not us. We don’t hog the branding and we are wholly unconcerned if your customers don’t even know we exist. By giving you total branding control, your customers have a consistent brand experience from your website, to registration and beyond.


Total Control On Fields, Fees and Options

There is no right or wrong way, only your way

TicketSpice is the only provider that unleashes you to create your registration form however you like. You are the one who sets the data requirements and the options. Most importantly, we don’t take a cut of any additional upgrades, merchandise of fees you collect on the form like the other guys.



Fast Integration With Your Website

A consistent experience from your own website

After building and previewing your ticketing page, you can choose a variety of ways to publicize your page. Choose from link options, to social media integrations to embed options that bring ticketing inside your own page.

You can add a simple link from your website to your ticketing page or generate custom html buttons that look amazing. The choice is yours, but the solution is always easy and fast.


Free Live Customer Support In Minutes

An expert is just a phone call, chat or email away

Our technology is great, but our support team is even better. Get immediate help in making your event a smashing success. We can help you on every aspect of ticketing as well as give you insider tips on what works best and how to maximize your event.