Ticket Scanning

Ticket Scanning

Fast, Reliable and Easy Ticket Scanning


The Best Scanning Technology is Yours Free

TicketSpice is proud to offer the industry’s best ticket scanning technology to every event organizer for free. Years of development have produced a ticket scanning app that is second to none.



What Makes TicketSpice Ticket Scanning Technology So Remarkable?

Lightning Fast

Our scanning application works with traditional laser devices as well as camera enabled devices. Our application scans and validates the ticket in milliseconds and alerts you on screen as well with a validating beep. Scan in people in record time and ease.

Multi-Device Sync

Scan with multiple scanners at multiple locations without the headache or the worry. Our scanning application has a multi-device sync to keep every device up to date on the most recent scan history across the event.

Real Time Sync with Sales

With the TicketSpice ticket scanning technology, you never have to close online registration. Our customers keep online ticket sales throughout the event. Data from new ticketsales are instantly sent to onsite tickets scanners within seconds of being purchased.

Built-in Fraud Detection

Duplicate tickets are a concern no more with our built in fraud and duplicate ticket detection. Each ticket is tracked to the millisecond when it is scanned and tagged with data on who scanned it and from which device. Confront fraudsters will validated proof of fraudulent tickets with ease.

Works Offline

The last thing you should worry about is connectivity for your scanners. Our scanner technology was made to work online and offline so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you can validate ticketbuyers should internet be slow or go down completely.

Beautifully Intuitive

The interface for scanning tickets could not be more elegant and easy to use. Scan, look up and manually check-in ticketholders with ease. You can trust volunteers with no prior scanning experience to be able help without problem the day of your event.