Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Powerful Integration with Facebook, Twitter and More


Harness the Power of Ticketing + with Social Media

Every ticket buyer and every visitor has an opportunity to extend your audience through social media. Never miss an opportunity with the vast social media integration options with TicketSpice. We go beyond the like button and allow you to customize exactly what is shared and how it appears across the social media channels. We also allow you to turn your ticketing page into a living, breathing social media wall that tracks comments, likes and tweets.


Go Beyond the Like Button. We Have Full Integrations.

Enjoy deep functionality built right into TicketSpice including the ability to share and save, share plugin and a host of others.



Share and Save

Reward the ticket buyer when they share your event to their facebook wall with an incentive. Our system tracks their share and rewards them with an incentive on the ticketing page. You can make it a fixed amount or percentage and limit. Choose the sharing method – Facebook, Twitter or even both. The reward is instantly applied.

Live Comments

Turn your ticketing page into a live, socially interactive forum! Allow people to make comments, position comments at the top or bottom of your page, start topic threads and more! Anytime someone registers a comment, a link to your ticketing page is broadcast to the commenter’s wall in view of their entire social network.


Prompt to Share

Encouraging social sharing and liking of your organization after purchase is a snap! Easily turn on a simple but powerful feature, and your event goers will receive a simple invitation to share your campaign on Facebook after successful completion of their transaction. The intuitive prompt displays the number of likes your campaign has, along with the profile photos of members already on-board!