Outrageously Awesome Pricing – No Strings Attached

TicketSpice, on average, is 50% less than the competition. No, Seriously… we dare you to find this service at this price.  


Per Ticket Holder



For 99 cents a ticket, look at all you get:

  • Branding Control
  • Design Customization
  • Conditional Logic
  • E-Commerce / Sell Products
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Accept Donations
  • Mobile Responsive
  • CSS Control
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Access Accounts for Staff
  • Accept Offline Payments
  • Export All Data
  • Coupons
  • Social Media Plugins
  • Share Incentives
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Geo Maps
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Mobile Scanning App
  • Event Analytics

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Total Savings:

$0 / year

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Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents a + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower.

Check out these premium features and integrations

  • Unlimited 3rd Party Integrations, Webhooks & API Access ($20 / month)
  • Communication Center ($0.02 per message sent)
  • Custom Gateway (1% of transaction)
  • Salesforce Integration ($199 / Month)
  • Custom Domain Masking ($500 setup / $99 a month)

No Contracts, Setup Fees, or Cancellation Fees

We think contracts are as relevant as arranged marriages these days. With TicketSpice, you come and go as you please. It makes us focus on providing you with the best product at all times to keep you happy. Besides, who wants to be stuck with a company you don’t want anyway? We think that’s a bad idea.

We also don’t have unnecessary hurdles to get you in and we certainly don’t think it’s wise to make you pay a fee to leave. That’s so 2005.

TicketSpice is used and loved by the world’s leading brands.


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